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20th Century Modernism 2104QCM Course
Accent Method Breathing 7044QCM Course
Acting I 1071QCM Course
Acting II 1072QCM Course
Acting III 2071QCM Course
Acting IV 2072QCM Course
Acting V 3071QCM Course
Acting VI 3072QCM Course
Advanced Jazz Theory 2523QCM Course
Advanced Practical Study 7539QCM Course
Advanced Songwriting 3103QCM Course
Applied Songwriting 2265QCM Course
Approved Practice 7240QCM Course
Artistic Research Design 8901QCM Course
Artistic Research Methods 8902QCM Course
Artistic Research Practice 1 8906QCM Course
Artistic Research Practice 2 8907QCM Course
Artistic Research Preparation 8910QCM Course
Artistic Research Preparation 7004QCM Course
Artistic Research Presentation 8908QCM_P2 Course
Artistic Research Presentation 8908QCM_P1 Course
Aural Studies 1 1611QCM Course
Aural Studies 2 1612QCM Course
Aural Studies 3 2611QCM Course
Aural Studies 4 2612QCM Course
Australian Theatre 2176QCM Course
Australian Theatre 1076QCM Course
Awareness through Movement 7043QCM Course
Baroque Studies 2101QCM Course
Classical Studies 2102QCM Course
Collaborative Piano Studies 1 2151QCM Course
Collaborative Piano Studies 2 2154QCM Course
Composition Project 2547QCM Course
Composition Study 1 1390QCM_Y1 Course
Composition Study 1 (Part 1) 1390QCM_P1 Course
Composition Study 1 (Part 2) 1390QCM_P2 Course
Composition Study 1 (Part 2) 1390QCM_Y2 Course
Composition Study 1 (Part 3) 1390QCM_P3 Course
Composition Study 2 (Part 1) 2390QCM_P1 Course
Composition Study 2 (Part 2) 2390QCM_P2 Course
Composition Study 2 (Part 2) 2390QCM_Y2 Course
Composition Study 2 (Part 3) 2390QCM_P3 Course
Composition Study 3 (Part 1) 3390QCM_P1 Course
Composition Study 3 (Part 2) 3390QCM_Y2 Course
Composition Study 3 (Part 2) 3390QCM_P2 Course
Composition Study 3B 2390QCM_Y1 Course
Composition Study 4 (Part 1) 4390QCM_Y1 Course
Composition Study 4 (Part 1) 4390QCM_P1 Course
Composition Study 4 (Part 2) 4390QCM_P2 Course
Composition Study 4 (Part 2) 4390QCM_Y2 Course
Composition Study 5B 3390QCM_Y1 Course
Concepts of Music and Sound 2081QCM Course
Contemporary Performance Project 5980QCM Course
Creating Sound to a Brief 2082QCM Course
Creative Audio 2993QCM Course
Creative Studio Practice 1728QCM Course
Creative Studio Practices 1 1731QCM Course
Creative Studio Practices 2 1732QCM Course
Creative Studio Practices 3 2731QCM Course
Creative studio practices 4 2732QCM Course
Cultural Theory in Popular Music 6014QCM Course
Digital Music and Culture 3712QCM Course
Digital Music Composition 1720QCM Course
Digital Music Composition 2717QCM Course
Digital Musicianship 1 1716QCM Course
Digital Musicianship 2 1726QCM Course
Dissertation Part 1 7200QCM_P1 Course
Dissertation Part 2 7200QCM_P2 Course
Electronic Instruments 2710QCM Course
Ensemble and Collaborative Activity 1A 1531QCM Course
Exploring Music 1101QCM Course
French for Singers 3041QCM Course
French for Singers 7341QCM Course
Game Audio 3714QCM Course
German for Singers 4041QCM Course
German for Singers 7241QCM Course
Global Local Music Project 5911QCM Course
Guitar Skills 1051QCM Course
History of Theatre 1078QCM Course
History of Western Performance 1075QCM Course
Honours Project Study 6002QCM Course
Honours Research Project 1 6000QCM_P1 Course
Honours Research Project 2 6000QCM_P2 Course
Instrumental Conducting 2984QCM Course
Instrumental Conducting 3984QCM Course
Instrumental Conducting 7984QCM Course
Instrumental Ensemble 5920QCM Course
Interactive Music 1710QCM Course
Introduction to Chamber Music 1451QCM Course
Introduction to Conducting 2983QCM Course
Introduction to Conducting 7981QCM Course
Introduction to Conducting 3981QCM Course
Introduction to Electronic Music 1066QCM Course
Introduction to Languages 1008QCM Course
Introduction to Music Research 3329QCM Course
Introduction to Music Research 2329QCM Course
Introduction to Music Research 7011QCM Course
Introduction to Musical Theatre 1303QCM Course
Italian for Singers 1 2043QCM Course
Italian for Singers 1 7141QCM Course
Italian for Singers 1 2041QCM Course
Italian for Singers 2 2045QCM Course
Italian for Singers 2 2044QCM Course
Italian for Singers 2 7142QCM Course
Javanese Gamelan 5925QCM Course
Jazz Arranging 2320QCM Course
Jazz Composition 2325QCM Course
Jazz Roots, Swing, Early Bebop 2301QCM Course
Keyboard Foundation Skills 1 1015QCM Course
Keyboard Foundation Skills 2 1016QCM Course
Keyboard Skills (Classical Voice/Composition) 1007QCM Course
Keyboard Skills (Contemporary/Jazz) 1009QCM Course
Large Instrumental Ensemble 5940QCM Course
Live Field Recording 3065QCM Course
Live Performance 3101QCM Course
Liveness in a Virtual World 3713QCM Course
Lyric Diction 7121QCM Course
Major Study 1 1519QCM Course
Major Study 2 1529QCM Course
Major Study 3 2529QCM Course
Major Study 4 3529QCM Course
Materials of Music (Musical Theatre) 1 1514QCM Course
Materials of Music (Musical Theatre) 2 1524QCM Course
Materials of Music (Musical Theatre) 3 2514QCM Course
Materials of Music (Musical Theatre) 4 2524QCM Course
Minor Project Study 5995QCM Course
Modern Jazz: Bebop and Beyond 2342QCM Course
Modern Jazz: Bebop and Beyond 3342QCM Course
Movement and Stagecraft 7041QCM Course
Multimedia Project 2723QCM Course
Multiplatform Sound Production 2084QCM Course
Music across Cultures 2105QCM Course
Music and Meaning 1104QCM Course
Music and Moving Image 2 3124QCM Course
Music and Society 3100QCM Course
Music and Society 2100QCM Course
Music Engraving and Publishing 7506QCM Course
Music Industry Internship (WIL) 3731QCM Course
Music Industry Internship (WIL) B 3732QCM Course
Music Industry Internship (WIL) C 3733QCM Course
Music Industry Studies 3110QCM Course
Music Materials 1 1513QCM Course
Music Materials 2 1523QCM Course
Music Materials 3 2525QCM Course
Music of Stage and Screen 2302QCM Course
Music Production 1 3061QCM Course
Music Production 2 3062QCM Course
Music Production and Presentation 7399QCM_P1 Course
Music Production and Presentation 7399QCM_P2 Course
Music Production and Presentation 7399QCM_P4 Course
Music Production and Presentation 7179QCM_P2 Course
Music Production and Presentation 7179QCM_P1 Course
Music Production and Presentation 7399QCM_P3 Course
Music Production and Presentation 8920QCM Course
Music Production and Presentation 8940QCM Course
Music Programming and Production 3063QCM Course
Music Research Design 1 6003QCM Course
Music Research Design 2 6004QCM Course
Music Research Project 7180QCM Course
Music Tech Honours Seminar 1 6101QCM Course
Music Tech Honours Seminar 2 6102QCM Course
Music Technology Live Capstone 3720QCM Course
Music Theory 1 1511QCM Course
Music Theory 2 1512QCM Course
Music Theory 3 2511QCM Course
Music Theory 4 2512QCM Course
Music Theory and Aural Studies 1 1811QCM Course
Music Theory and Aural Studies 2 1812QCM Course
Music Theory and Aural Studies 3 2813QCM Course
Music Theory Project 2251QCM Course
Music Theory Project 5250QCM Course
Music Theory Project 5251QCM Course
Music Theory Project 2250QCM Course
Music, Emotion and Meaning 3106QCM Course
Music, Mind and Brain 3105QCM Course
Music, Mind and Brain 1105QCM Course
Music, Sound and Vision 2324QCM Course
Music: Sound and Idea 2169QCM Course
Music: Sound and Idea 7169QCM Course
Musical Theatre 1 1211QCM Course
Musical Theatre 2 1212QCM Course
Musical Theatre 2 Part 1 1212QCM_Y1 Course
Musical Theatre 2 Part 2 1212QCM_Y2 Course
Musical Theatre 3 2211QCM Course
Musical Theatre 4 2212QCM Course
Musical Theatre 4 Part 1 2212QCM_Y1 Course
Musical Theatre 4 Part 2 2212QCM_Y2 Course
Musical Theatre 5 3211QCM Course
Musical Theatre 5 Part 1 3211QCM_Y1 Course
Musical Theatre 5 Part 2 3211QCM_Y2 Course
Musical Theatre 6 3212QCM Course
Musician's Health 5912QCM Course
Musicianship 2066QCM Course
My life as a musician 1 1020QCM Course
My Life as a Musician 2 2020QCM Course
My Life as a Musician 2 3022QCM Course
My Life as a Musician 3 3020QCM Course
My Life as a Musician 3 4023QCM Course
Opera Class 7132QCM Course
Opera Ensemble 7131QCM Course
Opera Ensemble 5960QCM Course
Opera Project 7133QCM Course
Opera Project 5965QCM Course
Optimal Performance Practice 5913QCM Course
Orchestration and Arranging 2543QCM Course
Orchestration and Arranging 3543QCM Course
Pedagogy 1 2841QCM Course
Pedagogy 1 7811QCM Course
Pedagogy 2 7801QCM Course
Pedagogy in Practice A 7449QCM Course
Pedagogy in Practice B 7459QCM Course
Pedagogy in Practice C 7469QCM Course
Pedagogy Internship 7511QCM Course
Pedagogy Practicum 1 7402QCM Course
Pedagogy Practicum 1A 2844QCM Course
Pedagogy Practicum 2 7403QCM Course
Performance and Engagement 1 3073QCM Course
Performance and Engagement 2 3074QCM Course
Performance and Technology 2716QCM Course
Performance Project I 1073QCM Course
Performance Project II 1074QCM Course
Performance Project III 2073QCM Course
Performance Project IV 2074QCM Course
Performance Study 1 7139QCM_P2 Course
Performance Study 1 1360QCM_Y1 Course
Performance Study 1 (Part 1) 1360QCM_P1 Course
Performance Study 1 (Part 2) 1360QCM_P2 Course
Performance Study 1 (Part 3) 1360QCM_P3 Course
Performance Study 2 1360QCM_Y2 Course
Performance Study 2 (Part 1) 2360QCM_P1 Course
Performance Study 2 (Part 2) 2360QCM_P2 Course
Performance Study 2 (Part 3) 2360QCM_P3 Course
Performance Study 3 (Part 1) 3360QCM_P1 Course
Performance Study 3 (Part 2) 3360QCM_P2 Course
Performance Study 3B 2360QCM_Y1 Course
Performance Study 4 (Part 1) 4360QCM_P1 Course
Performance Study 4 (Part 2) 4360QCM_P2 Course
Performance Study 4B 2360QCM_Y2 Course
Performance Study 5B 3360QCM_Y1 Course
Performance Study 5B (Classical Instrument) 3361QCM Course
Performance Study 6B 3360QCM_Y2 Course
Performance Study 7B 4360QCM_Y1 Course
Performance Study 8B 4360QCM_Y2 Course
Performance Study Extension 3363QCM_P2 Course
Performance Study Extension 2363QCM_P2 Course
Performance Study Extension 4363QCM_P2 Course
Performance Study Extension (Part 1) 5363QCM_Y1 Course
Performance Study Extension (Part 2) 5363QCM_Y2 Course
Performance Study Extension 1 2363QCM_P1 Course
Performance Study Extension 2 3363QCM_P1 Course
Performance Study Extension 3 4363QCM_P1 Course
Perspectives on New Music since 1950 2849QCM Course
Popular Classical Music 3109QCM Course
Popular Music Performance 1 1526QCM Course
Popular Music Performance 2 1527QCM Course
Popular Music Performance 3 2526QCM Course
Popular Music Performance 4 2527QCM Course
Popular Music Production 3 2519QCM Course
Popular Music Production 5 3519QCM Course
Popular Music Project (Part 2) 3526QCM_Y2 Course
Popular Music Project 1 3526QCM Course
Popular Music Project 1 (Part 1) 3526QCM_Y1 Course
Popular Music Project 2 3527QCM Course
Popular Music Turning Points 2107QCM Course
Popular Music: Roots to Rap 2065QCM Course
Popular World Musics 2108QCM Course
Post Production Practices 2728QCM Course
Postgraduate Ensemble 7871QCM Course
Postgraduate Project Studies 1 7525QCM Course
Postgraduate Project Studies 2 7526QCM Course
Practical Study 1 7549QCM Course
Practical Study 1 7139QCM_P1 Course
Practical Study 1 7139QCM Course
Practical Study 2 7559QCM Course
Practical Study 2 7239QCM Course
Practical Study 3 7569QCM Course
Practice-Based Music Research 8909QCM Course
Practice-Based Music Research 7100QCM Course
Practice-based Research 8930QCM Course
Practice-based Research 8915QCM Course
Professional Recording Projects 5000QCM Course
Project in Collaborative Piano 2167QCM Course
Project in Collaborative Piano 2 2168QCM Course
Project Study 5990QCM Course
Protools for Musicians 2712QCM Course
ProTools for Musicians 7712QCM Course
Real-Time Systems 1723QCM Course
Recording Music 2 2064QCM Course
Recording Music 1 2063QCM Course
Small Ensemble 5970QCM Course
Small Group Arranging 2513QCM Course
Song Writing 7717QCM Course
Song Writing Techniques 3 2264QCM Course
Songwriting Techniques 1 1064QCM Course
Songwriting Techniques 1 2068QCM Course
Songwriting Techniques 2 1065QCM Course
Songwriting Techniques 2 2069QCM Course
Sonic Tectonics 3724QCM Course
Sound Design and Synthesis 2726QCM Course
Sound Engineering 1 1161QCM Course
Sound Engineering 2 1172QCM Course
Sound Recording and Reinforcement 1718QCM Course
Special Topics in Music Theory 7183QCM Course
Stereo Recording and Editing 2715QCM Course
Studies in Pre-Baroque Music 2145QCM Course
Studio Engineering Sessions 2718QCM Course
Studio Musician Contemporary Music 5985QCM Course
Studio Post Production 3718QCM Course
Technology and Music 2109QCM Course
The Romantic Imagination 2103QCM Course
Third Stream Aural Training 2613QCM Course
Transcription 2623QCM Course
Transcription 2624QCM Course
Virtual Studio Technologies 2722QCM Course
Virtual Studio Technologies 7722QCM Course
Vocal Ensemble 5910QCM Course
Working with Music and Sound 3067QCM Course

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