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Name Code Type
2 Dimensional Practices 2622QCA Course
2D Digital Communication 1702QCA Course
3D Computer Animation 1612QCA Course
3D Design Studio 2610QCA Course
3D Design Studio 3618QCA Course
3D Digital Modelling 1 2557QCA Course
3D Digital Modelling for Design 1606QCA Course
3D Digital Modelling for Manufacturing 2604QCA Course
3D Digital Modelling for Visualisation 2672QCA Course
3D Digital Modelling for Visualisation 2575QCA Course
3D Modelling for Interaction 2701QCA Course
3D Printing: Concepts, Contexts and Techniques 7005QCA Course
3D Printing: Concepts, Contexts and Techniques 2635QCA Course
3D Printing: Screen to Reality 7006QCA Course
3D Printing: Screen to Reality 3616QCA Course
A History of Western Art 7402QCA Course
A History of Western Art 2402QCA Course
Aboriginal Art and Culture 7426QCA Course
Aboriginal Art and Culture 2915QCA Course
Action Research 1 3602QCA Course
Action Research 1 - HK 3610QCA Course
Action Research 2 3604QCA Course
Action Research 2 - HK 3611QCA Course
Activated Surfaces 2605QCA Course
Ad. 1: Culture 2806QCA Course
Ad. 2: Persuasion 2807QCA Course
Advanced Drawing from Life 3317QCA Course
Advanced Fabrication and Construction 2379QCA Course
Advanced Interactive Media 7009QCA Course
Advanced Interior Design 2633QCA Course
Advanced Research and Writing 3423QCA Course
Advanced Web Design 2614QCA Course
Advanced Web Design - HK 2629QCA Course
Anatomy for Artists 2372QCA Course
ArchiCAD (Intermediate) 3568QCA Course
Architectural Photography 3812QCA Course
Architectural Visualisation 7541QCA Course
Architectural Visualisation 3541QCA Course
Art in the Asia Pacific 2425QCA Course
Art in the Asia Pacific 7004QCA Course
Art in the Asia Pacific 3424QCA Course
Art Infield Project 3841QCA Course
Art Infield Project 1 3849QCA Course
Art Infield Project 2 3850QCA Course
Art of Protest 2383QCA Course
Art Theory PG Special Studies 7063QCA Course
Art Theory Special Studies 2415QCA Course
Art, Gender, Sexuality and the Body 2431QCA Course
Art, Gender, Sexuality and the Body 7431QCA Course
Artists Book 2390QCA Course
Artists Books 7390QCA Course
Artists in Contemporary Society 1314QCA Course
Audio Principles 7158QCA Course
Australian Art 7023QCA Course
Australian Art 3403QCA Course
Australian Indigenous Art and Culture (First Contact) 2914QCA Course
Australian Indigenous Art and Culture (Pre Contact) 3910QCA Course
Australian Indigenous Art and the Art Industry 3908QCA Course
Back to Country 2917QCA Course
Branding as Social Critique 3548QCA Course
CoLab 7526QCA Course
Collectors and Gatherers 1 3360QCA Course
Collectors and Gatherers 2 3356QCA Course
Colour in Context 2533QCA Course
Communication Design 1 2683QCA Course
Communication Design 2 2684QCA Course
Computer Visualisation and Image Creation 1513QCA Course
Concept Visualisation 2514QCA Course
Contemporary Fashion 2432QCA Course
Contemporary Global Art 7002QCA Course
Contemporary Global Art 3404QCA Course
Content Production and Curation 1533QCA Course
Creative Advertising 3805QCA Course
Creative Advertising Infield Project 2831QCA Course
Creative Internships 3615QCA Course
Creative Media Theories 7157QCA Course
Creative Research Methodologies 1532QCA Course
Creative Thinking 2545QCA Course
Creative Visual Strategies 1603QCA Course
Creative Visual Strategies 1534QCA Course
Critical Typography 2513QCA Course
Critical Typography 3577QCA Course
Culture of Materials 2527QCA Course
Curatorship 3402QCA Course
Darkroom Project 2830QCA Course
Darkroom Project 7830QCA Course
Design and Technology 2555QCA Course
Design Business Practice 3551QCA Course
Design Business Practice and Marketing 4520QCA Course
Design for Motion 3578QCA Course
Design for Motion Graphics 7007QCA Course
Design for Motion Graphics 3536QCA Course
Design for Public Spaces 2624QCA Course
Design Futures Project 6502QCA Course
Design Futures Research Project 4514QCA Course
Design Futures: Configuring Design Challenges Now 3505QCA Course
Design in Context 1605QCA Course
Design Issues - HK 3421QCA Course
Design Lab Experience 1502QCA Course
Design Lab Process 1530QCA Course
Design Lab: Service Design 2685QCA Course
Design Language 7520QCA Course
Design Leadership and Innovation 4515QCA Course
Design Narratives 7046QCA Course
Design PG Special Studies 7110QCA Course
Design Project 3601QCA Course
Design Research and Practice 8921QCA Course
Design Research and Practice 8941QCA Course
Design Research Methods 7529QCA Course
Design Research Methods 3510QCA Course
Design Research Methods 6511QCA Course
Design Research Methods 7514QCA Course
Design Research Project 7513QCA_P1 Course
Design Research Project 7513QCA_P3 Course
Design Research Project 6510QCA_P4 Course
Design Research Project 7513QCA_P4 Course
Design Research Project 6510QCA_P1 Course
Design Research Project 6510QCA_P3 Course
Design Research Project 7513QCA_P2 Course
Design Research Project 6510QCA_P2 Course
Design Research Project 7504QCA Course
Design Special Project 2561QCA Course
Design Special Studies 2515QCA Course
Design Strategy 3512QCA Course
Design Studio 1 2656QCA Course
Design Sustainment and Futures 7509QCA Course
Design Teams, Problems and Processes 3504QCA Course
Design Thinking 7521QCA Course
Digital Design Objects 7060QCA Course
Digital Design Project 7011QCA Course
Digital Design, Theory and Practice 7047QCA Course
Digital Fashion 2606QCA Course
Digital Graphic Design 1604QCA Course
Digital Jewellery 7609QCA Course
Digital Jewellery 2609QCA Course
Digital Making: Objects and Furniture 3619QCA Course
Digital Making: Objects and Furniture 2603QCA Course
Digital Media PG Special Study 7602QCA Course
Digital Media Special Studies 2602QCA Course
Digital Modelling for Design 7641QCA Course
Digital Modelling for Design 2639QCA Course
Digital Photography 7651QCA Course
Digital Photography 2651QCA_M2 Course
Digital Photography 2651QCA Course
Digital Publishing 2805QCA Course
Digital Technologies 1510QCA Course
Digital Video 3554QCA Course
Digital Video 7013QCA Course
Digital Video and Content Production 2688QCA Course
Digital Video: Advanced Visual FX 2615QCA Course
Digital Video: Introduction 1611QCA Course
Digital Visual Design 7152QCA Course
Digital Visualisation 1602QCA Course
Digital Writing 2632QCA Course
Dissertation Project 7062QCA_P2 Course
Dissertation Project 7062QCA_P1 Course
Dissertation Project 7062QCA_P4 Course
Dissertation Project 7062QCA_P3 Course
Doc. 4: Transmedia Storytelling 3852QCA Course
Documentary Infield Project 3838QCA Course
Documentation and Project Writing 3513QCA Course
Drawing 1 2362QCA Course
Drawing 2 2363QCA Course
Drawing for Design 1523QCA Course
Drawing from Life 2364QCA Course
Drawing Studio 1 2392QCA Course
Drawing Studio 2 2396QCA Course
Dreamtime and Machine Time 1904QCA Course
Editorship (WIL) 3832QCA Course
Emerging Futures (Practice/Strategy) 7523QCA Course
Enhanced Design Tools 7524QCA Course
Exegesis 6012QCA Course
Expanded Practice 1 2386QCA Course
Expanded Practice 2 2387QCA Course
Experience Design: UX and Service 7522QCA Course
Experimental Photo Techniques 3802QCA Course
Fabrication 2623QCA Course
Fabrication and Construction as Sculpture 2326QCA Course
Fashion and Art 2401QCA Course
Fine Art PG Special Project 7021QCA Course
Fine Art PG Special Studies 7080QCA Course
Fine Art Special Project 2355QCA Course
Fine Art Special Studies 2331QCA Course
Flash Design 2587QCA Course
Foundations for Visual Art Research 7019QCA Course
Foundations of Visual Thinking: Drawing and Ideation 1324QCA Course
Furniture Design 3519QCA Course
Furniture Manufacture 3547QCA Course
Future of Design 7501QCA Course
Games Design 2616QCA Course
Global Fashion 2627QCA Course
Global Local Infield Project 1 3847QCA Course
Global Local Infield Project 2 3848QCA Course
Graphic Design 1 1610QCA Course
Graphic Design 1 - HK 1619QCA Course
Graphic Design 2 2613QCA Course
Graphic Design 2 - HK 2628QCA Course
Griffith Artworks Internship 2382QCA Course
Griffith Artworks Internship 7092QCA Course
Griffith Artworks Internship 7093QCA Course
Griffith Artworks Internship 2381QCA Course
Griffith Design 1000QCA Course
Hand Lettering 2709QCA Course
Histories and Theories of Design 1537QCA Course
Honours Research Project 6301QCA_P4 Course
Honours Research Project 6202QCA_P2 Course
Honours Research Project 6202QCA_P3 Course
Honours Research Project 6301QCA_P1 Course
Honours Research Project 6202QCA_P4 Course
Honours Research Project 6202QCA_P1 Course
Honours Research Project 6501QCA_P3 Course
Honours Research Project 6501QCA_P2 Course
Honours Research Project 6901QCA_P2 Course
Honours Research Project 6501QCA_P1 Course
Honours Research Project 6501QCA_P4 Course
Honours Research Project 6801QCA_P3 Course
Honours Research Project 6901QCA_P4 Course
Honours Research Project 6301QCA_P2 Course
Honours Research Project 6901QCA_P1 Course
Honours Research Project 6901QCA_P3 Course
Honours Research Project 6801QCA_P2 Course
Honours Research Project 6801QCA_P4 Course
Honours Research Project 6301QCA_P3 Course
Honours Research Project 6801QCA_P1 Course
Human Machine Interfaces 3631QCA Course
Human Machine Interfaces 2626QCA Course
IDE 2 2658QCA Course
Ideas and Images 1321QCA Course
Ideas and Images 2356QCA Course
Ideas in Creative Media 1703QCA Course
Identity Project I 2908QCA Course
Identity Project II 2911QCA Course
Illustration and Publication 7373QCA Course
Image, Sign, Object 2528QCA Course
Immersive Environments and Gameplay 2675QCA Course
Indigenous Art and Politics 1903QCA Course
Indigenous Art and Politics 3913QCA Course
Indigenous Art, Protocols and Practice 2901QCA Course
Indigenous Critique 2909QCA Course
Indigenous Media 1 1915QCA Course
Indigenous Media 2 2918QCA Course
Individual Project 7045QCA_P1 Course
Individual Project 7045QCA_P3 Course
Individual Project 7045QCA_P2 Course
Individual Project 2 - Creative Advertising 3818QCA Course
Individual Project 1 - Creative Advertising 3823QCA Course
Individual Project 1 - Photojournalism 3824QCA Course
Individual Project 1- Photographic Art Practice 3821QCA Course
Individual Project 2 - Photographic Art Practice 3820QCA Course
Individual Project 2 - Photojournalism 3817QCA Course
Industry Portfolio 3523QCA Course
Industry Practice 7510QCA_P1 Course
Industry Practice 3609QCA Course
Industry Practice 7510QCA_P2 Course
Industry Practice - HK 3613QCA Course
Industry Project 3538QCA Course
Information Media Methods 7061QCA Course
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3608QCA Course
Interactive and Mobile Interfaces 2617QCA Course
Interactive Design 7018QCA Course
Interactive Media 2586QCA Course
Interactive Media Concepts 7154QCA Course
Intercultural and Social Understanding of Design 7519QCA Course
Intercultural Understanding of Design 3509QCA Course
Intercultural Understanding of Design 7511QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Drawing 1 2332QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Drawing 2 2333QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Drawing 3 3311QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Drawing 4 3312QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Print Media 1 2348QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Print Media 2 2349QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Print Media 3 3338QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Print Media 4 3346QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Print Media A 2374QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Print Media B 2375QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Sculpture 1 2346QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Sculpture 2 2347QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Sculpture 3 3336QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Sculpture 4 3345QCA Course
Interdisciplinary Studio 1 1705QCA Course
Interior Design 2 2539QCA Course
Interior Design Portfolio 3530QCA Course
Interior Design Project 2 3528QCA Course
Interior Environments Research Project 4512QCA Course
Interior Technology 2657QCA Course
International/National Study Tour 2433QCA Course
Intro to Fashion Concepts 1621QCA Course
Introduction to 3D Design 1622QCA Course
Introduction to 3D Design 2572QCA Course
Introduction to 3D Printing 1607QCA Course
Introduction to 3D Printing 2640QCA Course
Introduction to CAD 2504QCA Course
Introduction to Defuturing 2501QCA Course
Introduction to Design History 1512QCA Course
Introduction to Digital Photography 1613QCA Course
Introduction to Digital Photography 7121QCA Course
Introduction to Documentary Practice 3837QCA Course
Introduction to Drawing 1308QCA Course
Introduction to Hand Lettering 2642QCA Course
Introduction to Ideas and Images 1616QCA Course
Introduction to Illustration 2373QCA Course
Introduction to Interior Design 1620QCA Course
Introduction to Jewellery and Small Objects 1320QCA Course
Introduction to Life Drawing 2368QCA Course
Introduction to Painting 1317QCA Course
Introduction to Photo Media Practice 2652QCA Course
Introduction to Photo Media Practice 1614QCA Course
Introduction to Photographic Video Documentation 2910QCA Course
Introduction to Photography 2817QCA Course
Introduction to Photography 2 2819QCA Course
Introduction to Print Media 1319QCA Course
Introduction to Research Methods 6013QCA Course
Introduction to Sculpture 1318QCA Course
Introduction to Typography 1609QCA Course
Introduction to Typography - HK 1618QCA Course
Introduction to Web Design 1608QCA Course
Investigative Procedures in Design 7502QCA Course
Investigative Project 7512QCA Course
Issues in Photo History: An Introduction 2420QCA Course
Issues of Contemporary Studio Practice 1316QCA Course
Jewellery and Small Objects 1 2350QCA Course
Jewellery and Small Objects 2 2351QCA Course
Jewellery and Small Objects 3 3340QCA Course
Jewellery and Small Objects 4 3347QCA Course
Jewellery and Small Objects Studio 1 2393QCA Course
Jewellery and Small Objects Studio 2 2397QCA Course
Joinery and Metrofitting 2591QCA Course
Leading Creative Projects 7151QCA Course
Life Drawing 7368QCA Course
Life Drawing 2336QCA Course
Lighting and Detailing 3546QCA Course
Lighting as Visual Language 2833QCA Course
Locative Interactive Media 7156QCA Course
Major Studio Project 3603QCA Course
Major Studio Project - HK 3612QCA Course
Making Interaction 7515QCA Course
Making Interaction 1701QCA Course
Making Visual Media 1531QCA Course
Mapping for Design 1514QCA Course
Mapping Interiors 2581QCA Course
Mapping the Modern 1208QCA Course
Mapping the Modern 7010QCA Course
Mapping the Postmodern 7012QCA Course
Mapping the Postmodern 1209QCA Course
Masters Design Project 1 7528QCA_P1 Course
Masters Design Project 2 7528QCA_P2 Course
Masters Dissertation 7527QCA Course
Masters Exegesis 7022QCA Course
Masters Research Project 7160QCA_P2 Course
Masters Research Project 7160QCA_P1 Course
Materials and Construction 2554QCA Course
Materials, Construction and Culture 2589QCA Course
Medium 3425QCA Course
Medium 7425QCA Course
Memory and Trauma in Visual Culture 2439QCA Course
Modernism and Post Modernism 1214QCA Course
Modernity and Post-modernity 1506QCA Course
Motion Graphics and Visual Effects 2673QCA Course
Multimedia Storytelling for Publication 7124QCA Course
Multimedia Storytelling for Publication 2621QCA Course
Musings on Modern Art 1217QCA Course
Narrative Interfaces in AR 7525QCA Course
New Media Art 7614QCA Course
New Media Art 3614QCA Course
News and Editorial Photography 7122QCA Course
News and Editorial Photography 2618QCA Course
Now and Next 1617QCA Course
Organic 3D Modelling 3545QCA Course
Organic 3D Modelling 2634QCA Course
Origins Project I 1912QCA Course
Origins Project II 1913QCA Course
Painting 1 2344QCA Course
Painting 2 2345QCA Course
Painting 3 3334QCA Course
Painting 4 3344QCA Course
Painting People 3358QCA Course
Painting People 2378QCA Course
Photo Discourse 2410QCA Course
Photo Illustration 2687QCA Course
Photo Imaging: Ideas in Practice 1816QCA Course
Photo Imaging: Visual Language 1818QCA Course
Photo Media: The Studio 2619QCA Course
Photo Methodologies: Fundamentals 1817QCA Course
Photo Methodologies: Light 1819QCA Course
Photo Technologies: Fundamentals 1807QCA Course
Photo Technologies: Processes 1815QCA Course
Photographic Art Practice 1 2801QCA Course
Photographic Art Practice 2 2802QCA Course
Photographic Art Practice III 3801QCA Course
Photography Elective Project 3811QCA Course
Photography Infield 3888QCA Course
Photography PG Special Studies 7097QCA Course
Photography Special Studies 2810QCA Course
Photojournalism 2809QCA Course
Photojournalism and Ethics 7101QCA Course
Photojournalism and Ethics 2808QCA Course
Picture Editing for Publication 2620QCA Course
Picture Editing for Publication 7123QCA Course
Plein Air - Painting Outside 2343QCA Course
Plein Air Painting 7367QCA Course
Plein Air Painting 2367QCA Course
Portrait Photography 3803QCA Course
Portrait Photography 7811QCA Course
Portrait Photography 2811QCA Course
Presenting Visual and Creative Arts Research 6304QCA Course
Presenting Visual and Creative Arts Research 7095QCA Course
Principles of Curating 7389QCA Course
Principles of Curating 2389QCA Course
Principles of Marketing 3555QCA Course
Principles of Marketing - HK 3564QCA Course
Print Studio 1 2394QCA Course
Print Studio 2 2398QCA Course
Printmaking 1: Relief Printing 2369QCA Course
Printmaking 2: Etching 2370QCA Course
Printmaking 3: Silkscreen 2371QCA Course
Process and Experimentation 7388QCA Course
Process and Experimentation 2388QCA Course
Product Design Portfolio 3531QCA Course
Product Design Project 2 3529QCA Course
Product Design Research Project 4513QCA Course
Product Design Studio 2648QCA Course
Product Design Studio 2608QCA Course
Production Design 2 3723GFS Course
Production Reproduction 2377QCA Course
Professional Practice 4501QCA Course
Professional Practice 1 3593QCA Course
Professional Practice 1 2593QCA Course
Professional Practice 2 2594QCA Course
Professional Practice 2 3594QCA Course
Professional Practice 3 2595QCA Course
Professional Practice 3 3595QCA Course
Professional Practice for Visual Artists (WIL) 3834QCA Course
Professional Practices 3351QCA Course
Programming for Media 7155QCA Course
Protest and Propaganda: The Artist as a Social and Political Commentator 2418QCA Course
Publication 3831QCA Course
Publication and Multimedia 3844QCA Course
QCA International Study Exchange 3597QCA Course
Reading the Visual 1215QCA Course
Repetition 2376QCA Course
Representation: Looking at You, Me and the Selfie 2438QCA Course
Rethinking Context and Practice 7507QCA Course
Rethinking Methods and Materials 2592QCA Course
Revit (Intermediate) 3569QCA Course
Sculpture Studio 1 2391QCA Course
Sculpture Studio 2 2395QCA Course
Sculpture: The Foundations 1615QCA Course
Seminar A 6010QCA Course
Seminar B 6011QCA Course
Social Documentary 2832QCA Course
Social Documentary 3807QCA Course
Social Documentary 7102QCA Course
Socially and Environmentally Responsible Design 3596QCA Course
Space, Form and Analysis 1504QCA Course
Spatial Practices 2625QCA Course
Still and Moving Image 1704QCA Course
Storytelling 7518QCA Course
Strategic Design Thinking 7508QCA Course
Structure and the Environment 2599QCA Course
Studio Art 1 2384QCA Course
Studio Art 2 2385QCA Course
Studio Foundations 1 1322QCA Course
Studio Foundations 2 1323QCA Course
Studio Methodologies 1 7003QCA Course
Studio Methodologies 2 7146QCA Course
Studio Practice and Research 8940QCA Course
Studio Practice and Research 8920QCA Course
Studio Projects 7145QCA Course
Sustainable Environments 2659QCA Course
Symbolic Painting 3357QCA Course
Systems, Relationality and Complexity 6503QCA Course
The Art of Resistance 2916QCA Course
The Art of Sound 2607QCA Course
The Body in Visual Culture 3617QCA Course
The Body in Visual Culture 2436QCA Course
The Photographic Message 2686QCA Course
The Power of Movement in Visuals 2674QCA Course
The Street 7380QCA Course
The Street 2380QCA Course
Then and Now 1601QCA Course
Theories and Practices of Interior Environments 1 2590QCA Course
Theories and Practices of Interior Environments 2 3571QCA Course
Theories and Practices of Interior Environments 3 3572QCA Course
Theories and Practices of Product Design 1 2558QCA Course
Theories and Practices of Product Design 2 3573QCA Course
Theories and Practices of Product Design 3 3574QCA Course
Theories and Practices of Visual Communication 1 2588QCA Course
Theories and Practices of Visual Communication 2 3511QCA Course
Theories and Practices of Visual Communication 3 3521QCA Course
Theory of Photographic Imaging Processes 3822QCA Course
Traditional and Contemporary Ritual 1914QCA Course
Typographic Design 1 2579QCA Course
Typographic Design 1 2681QCA Course
Typographic Design 1 - HK 2597QCA Course
Typographic Design 2 2682QCA Course
Typographic Design 2 2506QCA Course
Typographic Design 2 - HK 2519QCA Course
Typography for Print 2611QCA Course
Typography for Print - HK 2630QCA Course
Typography for Screen 2612QCA Course
Typography for Screen - HK 2631QCA Course
Visions for Tomorrow Stage I 3902QCA Course
Visions for Tomorrow Stage II 3904QCA Course
Visual Analysis and Critical Reflection 7040QCA Course
Visual Arts Research Methods 6303QCA Course
Visual Arts Research Methods 8906QCA Course
Visual Arts Research Methods 7094QCA Course
Visual Communication Design 1 - HK 2598QCA Course
Visual Communication Design 2 - HK 3561QCA Course
Visual Communication Design 3 3542QCA Course
Visual Communication Design 3 - HK 3562QCA Course
Visual Communication Design 4 3526QCA Course
Visual Communication Design 4 - HK 3570QCA Course
Visual Communication Research Project 4511QCA Course
Visual Interpretations in Alternative Media 1309QCA Course
Walking through Western Art 1216QCA Course
Wearable Technology 3576QCA Course
Wearable Technology 2703QCA Course
Web Technologies 7153QCA Course

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