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Name Code Type
Abnormal Psychology 3009PSY Course
Adolescent Development 3021PSY Course
Adult Assessment and Neuropsychology 7144PSY Course
Adult Development and Ageing 3012PSY Course
Adult Psychopathology 7140PSY Course
Advanced Child and Family Assessment and Treatment 7145PSY Course
Advanced Cognitive Psychology 6019PSY Course
Advanced Professional Practice 7146PSY Course
Advanced Research Methods 7415PSY Course
Advanced Topics in Psychology 6024PSY Course
Applied Social Psychology 3022PSY Course
Applying Psychology 3030PSY Course
Assessment, Diagnosis and Formulation 7151PSY Course
Behaviour Change Skills 3018PSY Course
Biological Psychology 2007PSY Course
Career Psychology and Counselling 2020PSY Course
Child and Family Assessment and Treatment 7141PSY Course
Clinical Health Psychology 7241PSY Course
Clinical Health Psychology Part A 7241PSY_P1 Course
Clinical Health Psychology Part B 7241PSY_P2 Course
Coaching and Group Facilitation Skills 2018PSY Course
Cognitive Neuropsychology 3019PSY Course
Cognitive Neuroscience 3010PSY Course
Cognitive Psychology 2006PSY Course
Contemporary Issues in Organisational Psychology 7420PSY Course
Counselling Practicum 2: Reflective Practice 3015PSY Course
Counselling Skills 1018PSY Course
Counselling Theory and Practice 3005PSY Course
Developmental Psychology 2015PSY Course
Dissertation 1 8291PSY Course
Dissertation 1 8091PSY Course
Dissertation 1 8011PSY Course
Dissertation 2 8092PSY Course
Dissertation 2 8292PSY Course
Dissertation 2 8012PSY Course
Dissertation 3 8013PSY Course
Dissertation 3 8293PSY Course
Dissertation 3A 8093PSY_P1 Course
Dissertation 3B 8093PSY_P2 Course
Dissertation 4 8294PSY Course
Dissertation 5 8295PSY Course
Dissertation 5A 8295PSY_P1 Course
Dissertation 5B 8295PSY_P2 Course
Dissertation 6 - Organisational Psychology 7086PSY Course
Dissertation A 8021PSY Course
Dissertation B 8022PSY Course
Dissertation C 8023PSY Course
Dissertation D 8024PSY Course
Dissertation I 8001PSY Course
Dissertation I 8101PSY Course
Dissertation II 8002PSY Course
Dissertation II 8102PSY Course
Dissertation III 8103PSY Course
Dissertation III 8003PSY Course
Dissertation IV 8004PSY Course
Dissertation IV 8104PSY Course
Dissertation V 8005PSY Course
Dissertation V 8105PSY Course
Dissertation VI 8106PSY Course
Dissertation VIIA 8107PSY_P1 Course
Dissertation VIIB 8107PSY_P2 Course
Experimental Design and Analysis 2000PSY Course
Health Psychology 2010PSY Course
Honours Research Project 6000PSY_Y2 Course
Honours Research Project 6000PSY_Y1 Course
Interpersonal Skills 1008PSY Course
Introduction to Psychological Science and Society 1009PSY Course
Introduction to Psychology 1 1001PSY Course
Introduction to Psychology 2 1002PSY Course
Issues in Quantitative Research 6020PSY Course
Leadership and Performance Development 7417PSY Course
Lifespan Development 3011PSY Course
Lifespan Psychopathology and Therapy 1 7152PSY Course
Lifespan Psychopathology and Therapy 2 7153PSY Course
Organisational Psychology 2004PSY Course
Personality and Individual Differences 2005PSY Course
Personality Psychology 2016PSY Course
Positive Psychology 1010PSY Course
Practicum 1 8181PSY Course
Practicum 1: Applying Theory 3014PSY Course
Practicum 1A 8181PSY_P1 Course
Practicum 1A 8181PSY_P1_M2 Course
Practicum 1B 8181PSY_P2 Course
Practicum 2A 8182PSY_P1 Course
Practicum 2A 8180PSY_P1 Course
Practicum 2B 8180PSY_P2 Course
Practicum 2B 8182PSY_P2 Course
Practicum 3 8183PSY Course
Practicum 3A 8183PSY_P1 Course
Practicum 3B 8183PSY_P2 Course
Practicum 4 8184PSY Course
Practicum 4A 8184PSY_P1 Course
Practicum 4B 8184PSY_P2 Course
Practicum 5 8185PSY Course
Practicum 6 8186PSY Course
Practicum I 8301PSY Course
Practicum II 8302PSY Course
Practicum III 8303PSY Course
Practicum IV 8304PSY Course
Practicum V 8305PSY Course
Practicum VI 8306PSY Course
Process Facilitation 2011PSY Course
Professional Practice 1A 7150PSY_Y1 Course
Professional Practice 1B 7150PSY_Y2 Course
Professional Psychology A 6023PSY Course
Professional Psychology B 6021PSY Course
Professional Skills 7418PSY Course
Psychological Assessment 7403PSY Course
Psychological Assessment of Individual Differences 3006PSY Course
Psychology in Organisations 2021PSY Course
Psychology in Professional Contexts 1011PSY Course
Psychology of Learning and Development 7407PSY Course
Psychotherapy 1 7142PSY Course
Psychotherapy 2 7143PSY Course
Research 8940PSY Course
Research 8920PSY Course
Research 8910PSY Course
Research 8930PSY Course
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology 1003PSY Course
Research Project 1 7157PSY_P1 Course
Research Project 2 7157PSY_P2 Course
Social and Cultural Psychology 2008PSY Course
Specialisation 1 7340PSY Course
Specialisation 2 7341PSY Course
Specialisation I 7400PSY Course
Specialisation II 7411PSY Course
Strategic Organisational Psychology 7419PSY Course
Supervisor Training and Approval Program PSY_STAP_ONLINE Course
Survey Design and Analysis 3003PSY Course
Work, Stress and Health 7405PSY Course

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