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Name Code Type
A History of Crime and Punishment HSY311 Course
A History of Terrorism and Political Violence HSY205 Course
A History of War HSY315 Course
Aboriginal Political Histories HSY210 Course
Academic Writing COM10 Course
Accounting for Decision Making AFE112 Course
Action Research in the Middle Years EDN704 Course
Advanced Human Resource Development EHR715 Course
Advanced Recruitment and Selection EHR716 Course
Advising the Prince: Ethics, Politics and Power PHL520 Course
America's World MIR805 Course
American Literature LCS33 Course
An Introduction to Asia PAC10 Course
Analysing Narrative Fiction LCS23 Course
Applied Criminal Justice CCJ330 Course
Applied Human Resource Management and Change EHR301 Course
Applying Marketing for Social Change MKT307 Course
Arts and Cultural Policy PSM240 Course
Arts and Event Management PSM250 Course
Asian Business Systems IBA702 Course
Australia and the World AUS21 Course
Australian Employment Relations EHR710 Course
Australian Employment Relations IRL100 Course
Australian Foreign Policy MIR704 Course
Australian Literature and History 1890 to 1929 LCS31 Course
Australian Literature and History 1930 to 1990 LCS32 Course
Australian Policy in Southeast Asia PSM230 Course
Australian Progressive Traditions: Australia and the World HUM764 Course
Australian Social Policy 1 PSM260 Course
Australian Social Policy 2 PSM270 Course
Australian Studies: Images and Identities AUS11 Course
Australian Studies: Images of Australia 1B AUS12 Course
Beginning Mathematical Processes EDN754 Course
Behavioural Finance AFE328 Course
Broadcast Journalism CJR320 Course
Building the New Venture IBA345 Course
Business Communication EHR208 Course
Business Communication COM12 Course
Business Data Analysis AFE135 Course
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance IBA306 Course
Business Informatics ICT108 Course
Business Processes IBA218 Course
Business Statistics AFE134 Course
Case Studies in Foreign Policy Decision Making MIR703 Course
Children's Literature: Tools for Active Engagement in the Early EDN756 Course
China in Transformation 1900-1949 PAC23 Course
China in Transformation 1900-1949 PAC13 Course
China's Rise: Challenges and Opportunities MIR801 Course
Chinese Political Economy and Business PAC241 Course
Cinema History CMM10 Course
Classic American Fiction HUM707 Course
Classic Australian Novels HUM705 Course
Classic Russian Novels of the Nineteenth Century HUM702 Course
Communication and Cultural Tourism COM210 Course
Communication and Interpersonal Skills PES732 Course
Communication and Public Value COM100 Course
Communication Project COM33 Course
Communication Project 1 COM170 Course
Communication Project 1 COM270 Course
Communication Project 2 COM180 Course
Communication Project 2 COM370 Course
Communication Research Skills COM190 Course
Communication Technologies CMM16 Course
Company Law AFE216 Course
Comparative Management IBA205 Course
Conference and Convention Management HSL313 Course
Conference and Convention Management THS313 Course
Contemporary Criminology Theories and Research CCJ744 Course
Contemporary European Philosophy PHL540 Course
Contemporary Perspectives on Crime CCJ740 Course
Contemporary Perspectives on Crime CCJ705 Course
Corporate Governance in the Asia Pacific IBA703 Course
Counter-Terrorism Law CCJ220 Course
Creating Good Policy PSM210 Course
Creative and Professional Writing COM14 Course
Creative Writing, Forms and Structures CWR110 Course
Crime Analysis and Investigation CCJ724 Course
Crime Analysis and Investigation CCJ38 Course
Crime and Media CCJ213 Course
Crime Mapping CCJ732 Course
Crime Prevention: Community and Development Approaches CCJ30 Course
Crime, Business and Politics in Asia PAC242 Course
Criminology Skills CCJ101 Course
Cross-Cultural World History HSY316 Course
Cross-Cultural World History HUM761 Course
Culture and Lifestyles SGY250 Course
Culture and Society LCS14 Course
Death, Grief and Culture SGY352 Course
Defining Women: Social Institutions and Cultural Diversity GEN14 Course
Destination Management HSL318 Course
Developing Professionally CCJ307 Course
Developing Research and Analytical Skills COM15 Course
Developmental Crime Prevention CCJ723 Course
Digital and Social Media Marketing MKT340 Course
Digital Media Theory COM360 Course
Documentary Scriptwriting CMM37 Course
Doing Business in Asia Pacific Economies IBA701 Course
Doing Criminology CCJ19 Course
Drama Screenwriting CMM38 Course
Dynamics of Workplace Relations EHR711 Course
Dynamics of Workplace Relations IRL110 Course
Economics for Decision Making 1 AFE133 Course
Electronic Creative Writing CWR311 Course
Employment Relations Strategy IRL170 Course
Employment Relations Strategy EHR707 Course
Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing MKT341 Course
Ethics and Accountability in Forensic Mental Health CCJ712 Course
Ethnic Questions in East and Southeast Asia PAC32 Course
Europe in the World c.1500-2000CE HUM763 Course
Evidence-based Practice in HRM EHR702 Course
Evolutionary Criminology CCJ320 Course
Fame and Celebrity SGY348 Course
Feature Writing CJR350 Course
Financial Planning 1 AFE122 Course
Financial Planning 2 AFE223 Course
Financial Planning Skills AFE320 Course
Financial Planning, Construction and Review AFE322 Course
Forensic Mental Health Legislation and Policies CCJ711 Course
Forensic Science and Criminal Justice CCJ217 Course
Foundation Principles of Middle Schooling EDN101 Course
Foundation Principles of Middle Schooling EDN701 Course
Foundations of Research Inquiry HSV701 Course
Franchising and Small Business MKT319 Course
Fraud and Cybercrime CCJ326 Course
Future Studies PLT330 Course
Gender History and Culture GEN11 Course
Gender, Crime and Justice CCJ215 Course
Globalisation the Asia-Pacific and Australia PAC11 Course
Government Business Relations GIR204 Course
Government, Regulation and Markets MIR806 Course
Great Books LTR110 Course
Great Books B LTR120 Course
Great Directors CMM241 Course
Green Marketing MKT355 Course
Health Finance and Project Management PBH724 Course
Health Informatics PBH714 Course
Health Services and Information Systems PBH725 Course
History of Sex and Sexuality HSY204 Course
Hollywood Cinema CMM28 Course
Homicide CCJ114 Course
Hotel Service Operations Management THS315 Course
Hotel Service Operations Management HSL315 Course
Human Resource Management Principles EHR202 Course
Image, Text and Culture CMM19 Course
Independent Project HUM33 Course
Individual Project CCJ747 Course
Innovative Justice CCJ21 Course
Intelligence Led Policing CCJ733 Course
Intercultural Management IBA304 Course
Interdisciplinary Professional Ethics HSV733 Course
International and Comparative Human Resource Management and Employment Relations EHR703 Course
International Environmental Issues and International Organisatio MIR803 Course
International Food and Beverage Management HSL208 Course
International Food and Beverage Management THS208 Course
International Journalism CJR310 Course
International Relations Theory for the 21st Century MIR701 Course
International Security MIR702 Course
International Tourism and Hotel Management Principles HSL209 Course
International Tourism and Hotel Management Principles THS209 Course
Interventions and Recovery in Forensic Mental Health CCJ750 Course
Interventions and Recovery in Forensic Mental Health CCJ741 Course
Interventions for Offenders CCJ730 Course
Introducing Communication Studies COM110 Course
Introduction to Administrative Law LAW733 Course
Introduction to Business Law AFE215 Course
Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice CCJ113 Course
Introduction to Employment and Industrial Relations Law LAW734 Course
Introduction to Forensic Psychology CCJ10 Course
Introduction to Health Informatics Research PBH726 Course
Introduction to Hotel Management HSL109 Course
Introduction to International Business IBA105 Course
Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning LAW730 Course
Introduction to Marketing MKT103 Course
Introduction to Policing CCJ22 Course
Introduction to Public Relations CMM127 Course
Introduction to Screen Analysis CMM17 Course
Introduction to Torts LAW732 Course
Irish Literature LCI21 Course
Issues in Contemporary Communication COM22 Course
Journalism Cultures CJR300 Course
Knowledge-Based Management in Asia IBA700 Course
Landscape, Ecology and Empire c.1500-1900 HUM762 Course
Law and Behaviour CCJ707 Course
Law for Criminal Justice Professionals CCJ24 Course
Law Government and Policy CCJ13 Course
Leadership and Business Acumen PSM310 Course
Leadership for Sports Coaches EDN724 Course
Making Sense of the Criminal Justice System CCJ702 Course
Management Communication COM21 Course
Management Concepts IBA111 Course
Management Employee Relations EHR201 Course
Management Problem Solving IBA311 Course
Management Skills for Sports Coaches PES727 Course
Management Strategy and Decision Making IBA312 Course
Managing Equity and Diversity EHR704 Course
Managing Equity and Diversity IRL140 Course
Managing Organisation Policy EHR700 Course
Managing People in the Global Economy IBA302 Course
Managing Performance and Rewards IRL150 Course
Managing Performance and Rewards EHR705 Course
Marketing and Sales for Hotels THS222 Course
Marketing and Sales for Hotels HSL222 Course
Media Audiences CMM31 Course
Media Buying and Planning CMM33 Course
Media Ethics COM150 Course
Media Ethics COM260 Course
Media Law CMM26 Course
Media Relations CMM220 Course
Mental Disorder and Crime CCJ713 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IA CHN11 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IB CHN12 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIA CHN221 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIB CHN222 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIIA CHN31 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIIB CHN32 Course
Money, Banking and Finance AFE123 Course
Music Engraving and Publishing QCM801 Course
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution IRL130 Course
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution EHR713 Course
New Media Theory COM160 Course
New Television and Cultural Change COM310 Course
News and Information Gathering CJR220 Course
News and Politics CMM18 Course
News Writing and Ethics CJR200 Course
Offender Profiling CCJ211 Course
On Line News Production CJR330 Course
Organisational Behaviour EHR205 Course
Organisational Communication COM31 Course
Performance Analysis for Sports Coaches PES722 Course
Performance Management EHR303 Course
Planned Change in Criminal Justice CCJ746 Course
Planning Training Programs for Elite Athletes PES721 Course
Plato and Aristotle PHL510 Course
Police, Courts and Criminal Law CCJ12 Course
Policy in a Global Era PSM220 Course
Politics in Contemporary China PAC31 Course
Politics of the Global Economy MIR802 Course
Popular Classical Music QCM802 Course
Popular Music, Culture and Identity SGY355 Course
Power and Politics SGY200 Course
Power and Politics in the Asia- Pacific MIR804 Course
Principles of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations EHR701 Course
Professional Awareness A AFE124 Course
Professional Awareness B AFE125 Course
Professional Ethics and Corruption Prevention CCJ34 Course
Professional Identity A AFE225 Course
Psychology of Crime CCJ20 Course
Psychology of Crime CCJ728 Course
Public Writing COM130 Course
Public Writing CMM251 Course
Public Writing COM200 Course
Publishing in the Marketplace CWR320 Course
Punishment, Justice and Reform CCJ36 Course
Qualitative Social Research CCJ737 Course
Quality Management IBA305 Course
Quantitative Social Research CCJ736 Course
Race, Crime and Justice CCJ39 Course
Realising sustainable middle years reform: research design EDN703 Course
Realising sustainable middle years reform: research design EDN103 Course
Reconceptualising Children, Childhood and Identity EDN755 Course
Recruitment and Selection EHR203 Course
Regulation and White Collar Crime CCJ31 Course
Regulation of the Employment Relationship IRL120 Course
Regulation of the Employment Relationships EHR712 Course
Rehabilitating Offenders CCJ33 Course
Research Evidence and Practice NRS721 Course
Research in Sociology SGY356 Course
Research, Evaluation and Policy Analysis CCJ722 Course
Retail Marketing MKT236 Course
Revenue Law: Theory and Policy AFE316 Course
Risk and Crisis Communication CMM317 Course
Risk Assessment and Management in Forensic Mental Health CCJ714 Course
Risk Assessment and Management in Forensic Mental Health CCJ749 Course
Risk Management and Insurance AFE222 Course
Rooms Division Management HSL216 Course
Rooms Division Management THS216 Course
Screen Celebrity and Stardom CMM348 Course
Shakespeare's Plays HUM701 Course
Situational Crime Prevention and Security Management CCJ28 Course
Social Explanations of Crime CCJ701 Course
Social Science Research Methods CCJ32 Course
Sociology of Crime CCJ27 Course
Sociology of Identity SGY230 Course
Sociology of Youth SGY251 Course
Sociology of Youth SGY130 Course
Special Needs in Forensic Mental Health CCJ715 Course
Sports Coaching Pedagogy EDN723 Course
Sports Medicine for Coaches PES720 Course
Sports Nutrition for Coaches PES728 Course
Sports Psychology for Coaches PES729 Course
Statistics for Social Research CCJ29 Course
Statistics for Social Research CCJ709 Course
Styles and Genres of Journalism CMM129 Course
Superannuation and Retirement AFE227 Course
Television Studies CMM221 Course
The Body in History HSY209 Course
The Future of Work EHR708 Course
The Newspaper in History CJR340 Course
The Political Economy of East Asia PAC12 Course
The Politics of Inequality POL30 Course
The Social Context of Asian Business PAC240 Course
Themes in World History HSY111 Course
Theories of Crime CCJ742 Course
Thinking Ethically HUM206 Course
Training and Development EHR302 Course
Understanding Imprisonment CCJ23 Course
Understanding Middle Years Learners: A new frontier EDN702 Course
Understanding Narrative Fiction LCS22 Course
Understanding Social Problems CCJ18 Course
Understanding the Social World SGY14 Course
Understanding Young Children EDN716 Course
Varieties of Enlightenment: European Philosophy 1680-1832 PHL530 Course
Victimology CCJ214 Course
Violence and Terror in International Relations PAC20 Course
Violence and Terror in International Relations PAC30 Course
Visual Culture COM120 Course
White Collar Crime CCJ218 Course
Work and Employability EHR101 Course
Work and Leisure SGY354 Course
Workplace Health and Safety IRL160 Course
Workplace Health and Safety EHR706 Course
Writing Crime and Contemporary Romance CWR211 Course
Writing for Children and Young Adults CWR213 Course
Writing Gothic and Speculative Fiction CWR312 Course
Writing Poetry CWR210 Course
Writing the Short Story CWR111 Course
Youth Justice CCJ37 Course

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