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Name Code Type
Accelerated Mathematics 1 1200NSC Course
Advanced Ballistics 7291NSC Course
Advanced Biotechniques Laboratory 7303NSC Course
Advanced Blood Stain Pattern Analysis 7290NSC Course
Advanced Fire/Explosion Investigation 7289NSC Course
Advanced Microbiology Laboratory 7344NSC Course
Advanced Navigation 3508NSC Course
Advanced Photonics 4352NSC Course
Advanced Protein Science 7302NSC Course
Advanced Studies Project 3094NSC Course
Advanced Studies Task 2/02 2602NSC Course
Advanced Techniques in Molecular Microbiology 7342NSC Course
Advanced Topics in Science Technology and Society 6402NSC Course
Aerodynamics 2505NSC Course
Aerodynamics, Engines and Systems for Jet Aircraft 3509NSC Course
Airline Operational Performance Management Part I 3511NSC Course
All Weather Aircraft Operations 2507NSC Course
Apply Specialised Forensic Science Techniques 7293NSC Course
Aviation Legal Studies 2509NSC Course
Aviation Management Research Paper 7507NSC Course
Aviation Management Research Paper 7507NSC_P1 Course
Aviation Management Research Paper 7560NSC Course
Aviation Management Research Paper 7507NSC_P2 Course
Aviation Management Research Paper 7507NSC_P3 Course
Aviation Meteorology Part II 3531NSC Course
Biological Systems 1010NSC_Y2 Course
Biological Systems 1010NSC_Y1 Course
Biomolecular Innovation 3006NSC Course
Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Laboratory 7306NSC Course
Case Study/Moot Court 7278NSC Course
Case Study/Practicum 7244NSC Course
Clinical Genetics 7241NSC Course
Clinical Mycology, parasitology and virology 7202NSC Course
Clinical Placement 1 7250NSC_P1 Course
Clinical Placement 2 7250NSC_P2 Course
Clinical Placement 3 7250NSC_P3 Course
Conduct Serious Forensic Crime and Incident Scene Examinations 7294NSC Course
Develop Forensic Crime Scene Expertise 7296NSC Course
Forensic Case Studies 3022NSC Course
Forensic Evidence and the Expert Witness 2011NSC Course
Forensic Laboratory Accreditation and Quality Systems 2020NSC Course
Hazardous Crime Scene Examination and Investigation 7288NSC Course
Human Factors 3516NSC Course
Human Factors in Aviation 2501NSC Course
Introduction to Nanoscience 1350NSC Course
Introduction to Research 2001NSC Course
Life, the Universe and Everything 2403NSC Course
Light Aircraft Operations, Performance and Planning 2510NSC Course
Light Aircraft Systems 2503NSC Course
Managing Projects in Aviation 3512NSC Course
Masters Research Project 8001NSC_Y2 Course
Masters Research Project 8002NSC_Y2 Course
Masters Research Project 8001NSC_Y1 Course
Mathematics 1A for Engineers 1666NSC Course
Microbiology Clinical Placement 7209NSC_P3 Course
Microbiology Clinical Placement 7209NSC_P2 Course
Microbiology Clinical Placement 7209NSC_P1 Course
Microbiology Clinical Placement 7209NSC_P4 Course
Minor Aviation Management Project 7511NSC Course
Navigation 2508NSC Course
Physical Chemistry 2104NSC Course
Plant Science 2006NSC Course
Principles of planning, writing and presentation for higher degree research 6005NSC Course
Research and innovation in Forensic Science 3024NSC Course
Research Project in Photonics and Nanoscience 6351NSC_Y2 Course
Science: Ethics and Values 3405NSC Course
Scientific Knowledge and Political Power 6401NSC Course
Skepticism, Science and the Paranormal 2401NSC Course
Special Topics in Aviation Management 7509NSC Course
Special Topics in Forensic Science 7292NSC Course
Strategic Airline and Airport Management 7504NSC Course
Threat and Error Management in Aviation 3518NSC Course
Topics in Applied Mathematics 6203NSC_P1 Course
Topics in Applied Mathematics 6203NSC_P4 Course
Topics in Applied Mathematics 6203NSC_P2 Course
Topics in Applied Mathematics 6203NSC_P3 Course

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