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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mothers and Babies 2705NRS Course
Acute Nursing Practice 2803NRS Course
Advanced Breastfeeding and Lactation 8048NRS Course
Advanced Clinical Assessment 8952NRS Course
Advanced Clinical Decision Making 3801NRS Course
Advanced Clinical Decision-making and Practice in Acute Care Nursing 8036NRS Course
Advanced Health Assessment 7100NRS Course
Advanced Healthcare Practice in Chronic Health Conditions 7302NRS Course
Advanced Pathophysiology 8951NRS Course
Advanced Practice in Nursing 8941NRS Course
Applied Learning and Teaching for Health Professionals 8052NRS Course
Care of Older Persons 2204NRS Course
Challenges in Practice 3771NRS Course
Changing Childbirth: Service Design and Implementation 8044NRS Course
Child and Family Nursing Practice 2810NRS Course
Child and Youth Mental Health 3936NRS Course
Chronic Condition Management 2807NRS Course
Clinical Decision Making 3807NRS Course
Clinical Health Assessment 2201NRS Course
Clinical Infectious Diseases 8846NRS Course
Clinical Teaching for Health Professionals 3928NRS Course
Communicating Effectively 1806NRS Course
Community Nursing Practice 3804NRS Course
Complex Clinical Care 3803NRS Course
Complex Maternal Care 2702NRS Course
Contemporary Infection Prevention Practices 8847NRS Course
Contemporary Nursing 1100NRS Course
Critical Care Nursing Interventions I 8008NRS Course
Critical Care Nursing Interventions II 8009NRS Course
Critical Care Nursing Interventions III 8010NRS Course
Dissertation 1 6000NRS_P1 Course
Dissertation 1 7999NRS_P1 Course
Dissertation 2 7999NRS_P2 Course
Dissertation 2 6000NRS_P2 Course
Dissertation 3 6000NRS_P3 Course
Dissertation 3 7999NRS_P3 Course
Dissertation 4 6000NRS_P4 Course
Dissertation 4 7999NRS_P4 Course
Dissertation 5 6000NRS_P5 Course
Diversity and Dimensions of Emergency Nursing Practice 8032NRS Course
Effective Communication for Midwives 1554NRS Course
Effective Nursing Practice 1809NRS Course
Emergency Nursing Practice Foundations 8031NRS Course
Emerging Issues in Disaster and Pandemic Planning, Response and Management 8038NRS Course
Enhancing Critical Skills for Midwives 8045NRS Course
Evidence-Based Nursing 2806NRS Course
Family Nursing 2811NRS Course
Foundational Anatomy and Physiology 1552NRS Course
Foundations for Specialist Emergency Nursing Practice 7501NRS Course
Foundations of Critical Care Nursing Practice 7401NRS Course
Foundations of Professional Nursing 1803NRS Course
Functioning Effectively in Health Organisations 3980NRS Course
Global Maternal Health 8047NRS Course
Global Women's Health 3777NRS Course
Health and Illness in Older People 3805NRS Course
Health Assessment 1810NRS Course
Health Law and Ethics 1202NRS Course
Health Leadership and Management 8021NRS Course
Holistic Midwifery 1601NRS Course
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 1805NRS Course
Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 1808NRS Course
Human Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 1 2804NRS Course
Human Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 2 2808NRS Course
Independent Practice Project 7103NRS Course
Independent Project 7010NRS Course
Infection Control for Community and Public Health 8853NRS Course
Introduction to Intensive Care, Coronary Care and Emergency Nursing 8015NRS Course
Introduction to Sexual Health and STI 3929NRS Course
Knowing Midwifery 1551NRS Course
Leadership and Management Concepts for Health Professionals 3977NRS Course
Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare 2805NRS Course
Life Science for Midwives 1556NRS Course
Management of High Acuity Clients 7201NRS Course
Management of the Acutely Ill 8953NRS Course
Managing Clients with Complex Cardiac Presentations 7402NRS Course
Managing Complex Clients 7102NRS Course
Maternal and Infant Wellbeing 2662NRS Course
Medication, Pharmacology and Screening for Midwives 2663NRS Course
Mental Health Nursing Practice 2809NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 1: Primary Maternity Care 1600NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 1: Supporting Women 1555NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 2: Acute and Surgical Care 2661NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 2: Supporting the Woman and Healthy Newborn 1602NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 3: Complex Maternal and Newborn Care 2664NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 3: Integrating Care with Complexity 2701NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 4: Complex Midwifery Care 2703NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 4: Focused Midwifery Practice 3772NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 5: Consolidating Midwifery Practice 3778NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 5: Midwifery Practice Portfolio 3775NRS Course
Midwifery Practice 6: Becoming a Midwife 3779NRS Course
Neonatal Nursing 3900NRS Course
Normal-Complex Continuum of Childbirth 2700NRS Course
Nursing Care of Post-operative Cardiac Patients 8042NRS Course
Paediatric Nursing Care 7601NRS Course
Perinatal Mental Health 8049NRS Course
Peripheral Intravenous Access and Care (IVAC) 8035NRS Course
Preparation for Midwifery Practice 1553NRS Course
Preparing for Advanced Practice 7202NRS Course
Prescribing for Midwives 8034NRS Course
Primary Maternity Care in Context 8046NRS Course
Professional Communication for Nurses 1101NRS Course
Professional Experience Capstone 3808NRS Course
Promoting Normal Birth 3774NRS Course
Promoting Sexual Health and Wellness 8050NRS Course
Psychosocial Development across the Lifespan 1804NRS Course
Psychosocial Health Across the Lifespan 2202NRS Course
Qualitative Research 7018NRS Course
Quality and Safety in Healthcare 8037NRS Course
Research Evidence and Clinical Practice 1557NRS Course
Research Evidence and Practice NRS721 Course
Research Evidence and Practice 7021NRS Course
Safe Administration of Medications 1807NRS Course
Sciences of Infection and Disease 8845NRS Course
Special Issues in Infection Prevention and Control within the Global Health Context 8040NRS Course
Tansition to Professional Nursing 3806NRS Course
The Science of Emergency Nursing 8030NRS Course
Transforming and Leading Healthcare 7101NRS Course
Transition to Professional Midwifery Practice 3776NRS Course
Trauma, Shock and Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome 7503NRS Course
Triage and Managing Diversity in Emergency Care 7502NRS Course
Triage and Traumatology in Emergency Nursing 8033NRS Course
Understanding Research in Practice 1203NRS Course
Vascular Access Devices and Intravenous Therapy: Transforming Evidence 7104NRS Course

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