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Advanced Anatomy and Physiology 3010MSC Course
Advanced Studies in Health Sciences 6001MSC Course
Advanced Topics in Research 6005MSC Course
Anatomy and Physiology Systems I 1016MSC Course
Anatomy and Physiology Systems II 1017MSC Course
Biochemistry 2005MSC Course
BioHealth Project 3027MSC Course
Cells, Tissues and Regulation 1014MSC Course
Chemistry of Biological Systems I 1001MSC Course
Chemistry of Biological Systems II 1015MSC Course
Clinical Biochemistry 3012MSC Course
Clinical Laboratory Discipline Based Project 4004MSC Course
Clinical Microbiology 3006MSC Course
Clinical Perspectives in Human Health and Development 3017MSC Course
Clinical Placement I 4001MSC Course
Clinical Placement II 4002MSC Course
Dissertation Thesis 6004MSC_P3 Course
Dissertation Thesis 6004MSC_P5 Course
Dissertation Thesis 6004MSC_P2 Course
Dissertation Thesis 6004MSC_P4 Course
Dissertation Thesis 6004MSC_P1 Course
Essential Skills for the New Health Professional 3025MSC Course
Foundational Anatomy and Physiology 1006MSC Course
Fundamentals of Microbiology 2003MSC Course
Genes and Disease 1005MSC Course
Haematology I 2009MSC Course
Haematology II 3009MSC Course
Histology 3007MSC Course
Histopathology 3008MSC Course
Immunology 3004MSC Course
Infectious Disease 3013MSC Course
Integrative Medical Sciences 3000MSC Course
Introduction to Biomedical Data Analysis 1002MSC Course
Introduction to Clinical Pathology 1003MSC Course
Laboratory Project 3030MSC Course
Macromolecular and Cellular Biochemistry 3016MSC Course
Metabolism 2011MSC Course
Microbiology 2007MSC Course
Microbiology for Oral Health 2015MSC Course
Molecular Biology 3014MSC Course
Molecular Diagnostics 3020MSC Course
Molecular Genetics 2000MSC Course
Molecular Medicine 3022MSC Course
Neurobiology 2020MSC Course
Organic Chemistry 2014MSC Course
Pathology Techniques 2004MSC Course
Pathophysiology 2002MSC Course
Pharmacology 3002MSC Course
Research Project 3003MSC Course
Research Thesis 7004MSC_P2 Course
Research Thesis 7004MSC_P5 Course
Research Thesis 7004MSC_P8 Course
Research Thesis 7004MSC_P1 Course
Research Thesis 7004MSC_P3 Course
Research Thesis 7004MSC_P4 Course
Research Thesis 7004MSC_P6 Course
Research Thesis 7004MSC_P7 Course
Science of Infection Control 3001MSC Course
Structural Biochemistry 2008MSC Course
Transfusion Science 3011MSC Course

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