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Name Code Type
Academic Preparation 9000LAW Course
Civil Litigation Practice 7041LAW Course
Clinical Component 7048LAW Course
Clinical Legal Placement 7148LAW Course
Commercial and Corporate Law Practice 7047LAW Course
Commercial and Corporate Law Practice 7156LAW Course
Communicating Law 7305LAW Course
Criminal Law Practice 7140LAW Course
Ethics and Professional Responsibility 7153LAW Course
Family Law Practice 7142LAW Course
Intro to Business, Commercial and Corporate Law and Practice 7308LAW Course
Intro to Workplace Health and Safety and Workers Compensation Law and Practice 7309LAW Course
Introduction to Anti-Discrimination and Harrasment Law in the Workplace 7306LAW Course
Introduction to Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation Law and Practice 7312LAW Course
Introduction to Contract Law 7310LAW Course
Introduction to Employment and Industrial Relations Law 7304LAW Course
Introduction to Property Law 7311LAW Course
Introduction to Social Media, the Law and the Workplace 7307LAW Course
Introduction to Torts 7302LAW Course
Lawyer's Skills 7152LAW Course
Planning and Environment Law and Practice 7158LAW Course
Property Law Practice 7046LAW Course
Property Law Practice 7155LAW Course
Wills and Estates Practice 7045LAW Course
Wills and Estates Practice 7154LAW Course

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