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"Migration, Diversity and Social Justice" 2550LHS Course
(Re)Imagining Aging and Dying 1 2022LHS Course
(Re)Imagining Aging and Dying 1 3142LHS Course
A History of Crime and Punishment HSY311 Course
A History of Nature 2059LHS Course
A History of Terrorism and Political Violence HSY205 Course
A History of Terrorism and Political Violence 2055LHS Course
A History of War HSY315 Course
A Window into Hispanic Cultures 3086LHS Course
A Window into Hispanic Cultures (Enhanced) 3090LHS Course
Aboriginal Political Histories 2034LHS Course
Aboriginal Political Histories HSY210 Course
Academic Writing COM10 Course
Advanced Digital Media Production 3502LHS Course
Advanced Independent Research Study 1 7561LHS Course
Advanced Independent Research Study 2 7562LHS Course
Advanced Independent Research Study 3 7568LHS Course
Advanced Islamic Studies 3609LHS Course
Advanced Italian 2 - Cinema (Enhanced) 3293LHS Course
Advanced Literary Studies 3560LHS Course
Advanced Project 3060LHS Course
Advanced Project LHS34 Course
Advanced Project 3065LHS Course
Advanced Public Writing 7117LHS Course
Advanced Research in Creative Writing 7115LHS Course
Advanced Research in Humanities, Languages and Social Science 6131LHS Course
Advanced Research Issues in Intercultural Communication 6001LHS Course
Advanced Research in Creative Writing 7155LHS Course
Advanced Security Studies 3580LHS Course
American Literature LCS33 Course
Analysing Narrative Fiction LCS23 Course
Approaches to Human Security 1213LHS Course
Australia and the World AUS21 Course
Australia and the World 2101LHS Course
Australian Literature and History 1890 to 1929 LCS31 Course
Australian Literature and History 1930 to 1990 LCS32 Course
Australian Progressive Traditions: Australia and the World HUM764 Course
Australian Screen 3312LHS Course
Broadcast Journalism CJR320 Course
Business Communication COM12 Course
Business of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Internship) 7989LHS Course
China Study Tour 2434LHS Course
Chinese/English Business Interpreting 1 3012LHS Course
Chinese/English Business Interpreting 2 3013LHS Course
Chinese/English Written Communication 1 3014LHS Course
Chinese/English Written Communication 2 3015LHS Course
Cinema History CMM10 Course
Classic American Fiction HUM707 Course
Classic Australian Novels HUM705 Course
Classic Russian Novels of the Nineteenth Century HUM702 Course
Communication and Cultural Tourism COM210 Course
Communication and Public Value COM100 Course
Communication for Social and Environmental Change Project 3503LHS Course
Communication in Crises and Disasters 7125LHS Course
Communication Performance 1512LHS Course
Communication Project 1 COM170 Course
Communication Project 1 COM270 Course
Communication Project 2 COM180 Course
Communication Project 2 COM370 Course
Communication Research Skills COM190 Course
Communication Technologies CMM16 Course
Communication: A Linguistic Approach 1003LHS Course
Communication: Theory and Scholarship 1511LHS Course
Conflict, Displacement and Human Rights 2715LHS Course
Contemporary Aboriginal Issues 3053LHS Course
Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture 3280LHS Course
Contemporary Italy: A Survey 2095LHS Course
Contemporary Theatre and Its Origins 2231LHS Course
Contemporary Theatre and Its Origins 2221LHS Course
Creative and Professional Writing COM14 Course
Creative Arts and the Entrepreneurial Mindset 1115LHS Course
Creative Collaboration Lab 1 1116LHS Course
Creative Collaboration Lab 2 1120LHS Course
Creative Collaboration Lab 3 2014LHS Course
Creative Collaboration Lab 4 3028LHS Course
Creative Writing, Forms and Structures CWR110 Course
Crisis and Disaster Communication 3517LHS Course
Critical Perspectives on Safety 7225LHS Course
Critical Safety Theory 7227LHS Course
Cross Cultural Practices and Protocols in the Creative Arts 1114LHS Course
Cross-Cultural World History HUM761 Course
Cross-Cultural World History HSY316 Course
Current Affairs in the Hispanic World 3085LHS Course
Current Affairs in the Hispanic World (Enhanced) 3088LHS Course
Dangerous Pleasures: An Introduction to Literary Studies 1016LHS Course
Data Storytelling 2521LHS Course
Death, Grief and Culture 3182LHS Course
Death, Grief and Culture SGY352 Course
Defining Women: Social Institutions and Cultural Diversity GEN14 Course
Developing Research and Analytical Skills COM15 Course
Devising Theatre 3236LHS Course
Digital Audio Media Production 2523LHS Course
Digital Media and Portfolio Production 1513LHS Course
Digital Media Theory COM360 Course
Discourse Analysis 7995LHS Course
Discourse, Text and Power 3203LHS Course
Disruptive Technologies in Creative Economies 1118LHS Course
Dissertation 6040LHS_P4 Course
Dissertation 7501LHS_P4 Course
Dissertation 7501LHS_P2 Course
Dissertation 7501LHS_P1 Course
Dissertation 7501LHS_P3 Course
Dissertation 7999LHS_P2 Course
Dissertation 7999LHS_P1 Course
Dissertation 6040LHS_P3 Course
Dissertation 6040LHS_P1 Course
Dissertation 6040LHS_P2 Course
Dissertation 1 8105LHS_P1 Course
Dissertation 2 8105LHS_P2 Course
Dissertation 3 8105LHS_P3 Course
Dissertation Seminar 8129LHS Course
Dissertation/Project 6500LHS_P5 Course
Dissertation/Project 6500LHS_P4 Course
Dissertation/Project 6500LHS_P2 Course
Dissertation/Project 6500LHS_P1 Course
Dissertation/Project 6500LHS_P3 Course
Dissertation/Project 6005LHS_P1 Course
Dissertation/Project 6005LHS_P2 Course
Dissertation/Project 6005LHS_P4 Course
Dissertation/Project 6005LHS_P3 Course
Documentary Scriptwriting CMM37 Course
Documentary Studies 2306LHS Course
Drama for Social Action 2222LHS Course
Drama Screenwriting CMM38 Course
Editing for Publication 3706LHS Course
Empowering the Professional Communicator 1509LHS Course
Endangered Languages 3205LHS Course
English as a Global Language 2201LHS Course
English Words and Grammar 2204LHS Course
Environmental and Climate Change Communication 2524LHS Course
Environmental Communication 7126LHS Course
Ethical Communication 2505LHS Course
Europe in the World c.1500-2000CE HUM763 Course
Experimental Writing 3111LHS Course
Feature Writing 3506LHS_M2 Course
Feature Writing 3506LHS Course
First Peoples 1088LHS Course
Foundations of Academic Writing 1019LHS Course
Foundations of Academic Writing 1029LHS Course
Foundations of Research and Analysis 1905LHS Course
Foundations of Western Culture 1705LHS Course
Fundamentals of Communication LHS156 Course
Fundamentals of Communication 1506LHS Course
Gender Issues in Islam and Muslim Societies 2614LHS Course
Genres of Journalism 1702LHS Course
Global Humanities 1706LHS Course
Global Indigeneities 2035LHS Course
Global Journalism, Media and Communication 2506LHS Course
Global Shakespeare 2161LHS Course
Gothic Afterlives 2141LHS Course
Great Books LTR110 Course
Great Directors CMM241 Course
Great Empires of Islamic Civilization 2610LHS Course
Griffith Chinese 1 2010LHS_Y1 Course
Health and Science Communication 2525LHS Course
Histories of Sexuality 2057LHS Course
History of Sex and Sexuality HSY204 Course
Hollywood Cinema CMM28 Course
Hollywood Cinema 2100LHS Course
Honours Research Training 6130LHS Course
How to Learn Languages 1012LHS Course
Human Rights Journalism and Communication 3507LHS Course
Ideas, Issues and Inquiry 1061LHS Course
Image, Text and Culture CMM19 Course
In-Country Independent Study 3191LHS Course
Independent Internship 3200LHS Course
Independent Project HUM33 Course
Independent Research Study 7998LHS Course
Independent Research Study 7560LHS Course
Independent Research Study 7987LHS Course
Individual Project 1 7142LHS_P1 Course
Individual Project 2 7142LHS_P2 Course
Individual Project 3 7142LHS_P3 Course
Industry Internship 1 3531LHS Course
Industry Internship 2 3532LHS Course
Intensive Italian IA 1092LHS Course
Intensive Italian IB 1093LHS Course
Intercultural Communication 3202LHS Course
Intercultural Communication Enhanced 3222LHS Course
Interdisciplinary Research Workshop 6132LHS Course
International Journalism CJR310 Course
International Reporting 7127LHS Course
Introducing Communication Studies COM110 Course
Introduction to Communication and Journalism LHS155 Course
Introduction to Communication and Journalism 1505LHS Course
Introduction to Creative Writing 1104LHS Course
Introduction to Drama: Performance Skills 1221LHS Course
Introduction to Drama: Performance Skills 1222LHS Course
Introduction to Journalism 1508LHS Course
Introduction to Public Relations CMM127 Course
Introduction to Public Relations 1510LHS Course
Introduction to Science and the Humanities 1010LHS Course
Introduction to Screen Analysis 1009LHS Course
Introduction to Screen Analysis CMM17 Course
Introduction to Social Science 1710LHS Course
Introduction to System Safety 7009LHS Course
Investigative Journalism 2507LHS Course
Irish Literature LCI21 Course
Islam and Muslim Communities in the West 3612LHS Course
Islam in the Modern World 1603LHS Course
Islam, Media and Conflict 2611LHS Course
Islamic Law in a Changing World 2613LHS Course
Issues in Contemporary Communication COM22 Course
Italian 1A 1090LHS Course
Italian 1B 1091LHS Course
Italian 2A 2090LHS Course
Italian 2A (Enhanced) 2190LHS Course
Italian 2B 2096LHS Course
Italian 2B (Enhanced) 2196LHS Course
Italian 2B Spoken 2091LHS Course
Italian 2B Written 2092LHS Course
Italian Eco-Cinema 3093LHS Course
Italian Eco-Cinema LHS393 Course
Italian In-Country Independent Study Enhanced 3192LHS Course
Italian Literature and Society 3094LHS Course
Italian Literature and Society Enhanced 3294LHS Course
Italy through Food 3190LHS Course
Japan Study Tour 2424LHS Course
Japanese 1A 1032LHS Course
Japanese 1B 1033LHS Course
Japanese 2A 2040LHS Course
Japanese 2A Enhanced 2043LHS Course
Japanese 2B 2042LHS Course
Japanese 2B Enhanced 2045LHS Course
Japanese 3A 3040LHS Course
Japanese for Professional Purposes 3533LHS Course
Japanese for Professional Purposes (Enhanced) 3566LHS Course
Japanese In-Country Independent Study Enhanced 3193LHS Course
Japanese Society and Pop Culture 2406LHS Course
Journalism Internship 1 3160LHS Course
Journalism Internship 2 3163LHS Course
Landscape, Ecology and Empire c.1500-1900 HUM762 Course
Language and Communication for Arts and Social Sciences 5904LHS Course
Language and Communication for Business and Commerce 5901LHS Course
Language and Communication for Health 5902LHS Course
Language and Communication for Sciences 5903LHS Course
Language and Gender 2150LHS Course
Language and Gender 3150LHS Course
Language and Gender 2151LHS Course
Language awareness for second language teachers 7901LHS Course
Language Exchange Study 5030LHS Course
Language Exchange Study 5010LHS Course
Language Exchange Study 5050LHS Course
Language Exchange Study 5020LHS Course
Language Exchange Study 5040LHS Course
Language Testing and Assessment 7990LHS Course
Language, Communication and Social Interaction 3201LHS Course
Language, Culture and Society 1402LHS Course
Language, Technology and Social Media 2203LHS Course
Languages of East and Southeast Asia 2007LHS Course
Leadership and Ethical Awareness in the Creative Arts 1119LHS Course
Learning and Teaching a 2nd/Foreign Language 2001LHS Course
Learning and Teaching in Bi/Multilingual Settings 7996LHS Course
Linguistics 1A - Introduction to the Study of Language I 1001LHS Course
Linguistics 1B - Introduction to the Study of Language II 1002LHS Course
Longform Journalism 2514LHS Course
Major Themes in Islamic Tradition 3613LHS Course
Management Communication COM21 Course
Media Audiences CMM31 Course
Media Audiences 3305LHS Course
Media Campaigns and Strategies 3518LHS Course
Media Design 3016LHS Course
Media Ethics COM260 Course
Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2508LHS Course
Media Law CMM26 Course
Media Law 2513LHS Course
Media Relations CMM220 Course
Media Relations 2515LHS Course
Media, Politics and Public Opinion 2509LHS Course
Media, Power and Decision-making 7109LHS Course
Migration, Settlement and Integration 3550LHS Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) 1A 1084LHS Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) 1B 1085LHS Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) 2A 2010LHS Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) 2B 2063LHS Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) 2B Enhanced 2011LHS Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) 3A 3010LHS Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IA CHN11 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IB CHN12 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIA CHN221 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIB CHN222 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIIA CHN31 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIIB 3011LHS Course
Morphology and Syntax 3009LHS Course
Muslim World Study Tour 3610LHS Course
New Communication Technologies 1501LHS Course
New Television and Cultural Change COM310 Course
News and Information Gathering CJR220 Course
News and Politics CMM18 Course
News Production 3105LHS Course
News Writing and Ethics 2511LHS Course
News Writing and Ethics CJR200 Course
Organisational Communication COM31 Course
Page to Stage 2233LHS Course
Page to Stage 2223LHS Course
Performing Ecologies 3223LHS Course
Poetry and Poetic Imagination 3063LHS Course
Politics of Law and Justice in China 3380LHS Course
Popular Genres 3723LHS Course
Popular Genres 3724LHS Course
Popular Music, Culture and Identity SGY355 Course
Popular Music, Culture and Identity 3056LHS Course
Power and Politics SGY200 Course
Power and Politics 2139LHS Course
Power, Politics and Trouble in Paradise: South Pacific Study Tour 3381LHS Course
Principles of Research 7008LHS Course
Private Lives and Public Troubles 3055LHS Course
Professional Experience 7565LHS Course
Public Policy for Change 2111LHS Course
Public Relations Theory, Ethics and Professional Practice 2501LHS Course
Public Writing COM200 Course
Public Writing CMM251 Course
Public Writing and Professional Practice 2512LHS Course
Publishing in the Marketplace CWR320 Course
Reconstructing the Aboriginal Australian 3034LHS Course
Religious and Ideological Extremism 2615LHS Course
Research and Writing for Journalism LHS157 Course
Research Colloquium 6204LHS Course
Research Design 6110LHS Course
Research in Sociology 3035LHS Course
Research in Sociology SGY356 Course
Research in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 7997LHS Course
Research Methods 7563LHS Course
Research Methods for Social Science 1712LHS Course
Research Skills and Writing for Communication and Journalism 1507LHS Course
Researching (In)Security 3718LHS Course
Rethinking Journalism and Media 3025LHS Course
Risk and Crisis Communication CMM317 Course
Safety Ethics and Accountability 7226LHS Course
Screen Celebrity and Stardom CMM348 Course
Second Language Acquisition 3002LHS Course
Second Language Acquisition: Theory and Application 7991LHS Course
Second Language Curriculum Development 7904LHS Course
Second Language Teaching in Practice (Internship) 7903LHS Course
Shakespeare's Plays HUM701 Course
Social Data Analytics 2116LHS Course
Social Media for Global Communications LHS321 Course
Social Media for Journalism and Public Relations 3521LHS Course
Social Media Law and Risk Management 7124LHS Course
Social Science in Action (Capstone) 3711LHS Course
Sociolinguistics for Second Language Teachers 7994LHS Course
Sociology of Identity 2143LHS Course
Sociology of Identity SGY230 Course
Sociology of Youth SGY251 Course
Sociology of Youth 2026LHS Course
Spanish 1A 1080LHS Course
Spanish 1B 1081LHS Course
Spanish 2A 2080LHS Course
Spanish 2A (Enhanced) 2082LHS Course
Spanish 2B 2081LHS Course
Spanish 2B (Enhanced) 2083LHS Course
Spanish for Professional Purposes 3083LHS Course
Spanish for Professional Purposes (Enhanced) 3087LHS Course
Structures of (in) security 2718LHS_M3 Course
Structures of (in)security 2718LHS Course
Styles and Genres of Journalism CMM129 Course
Teaching a 2nd/Foreign Language 3001LHS Course
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Research Design 7986LHS Course
Technology Enhanced Language Learning and Teaching 7993LHS Course
Technology in Society 1707LHS Course
Technology in Society 3037LHS Course
Television Journalism 3513LHS Course
Television Studies CMM221 Course
Television Studies 2102LHS Course
The Biography Project II 3146LHS Course
The Biography Project Overseas Experience: New York 3147LHS Course
The Biography Project: Biography and Life Stories at End of Life 3144LHS Course
THE BIOGRAPHY PROJECT: Biography and Life Stories at End of Life 2144LHS Course
The Body in History HSY209 Course
The Body in History 2054LHS Course
The Design of Language 1044LHS Course
The Newspaper in History CJR340 Course
The Practice of Ideation in the Creative Arts 1113LHS Course
The Storytellers: Reading Fiction 2142LHS Course
Theatre Direction 3221LHS Course
Theatre Direction 3231LHS Course
Themes in World History HSY111 Course
Thinking Ethically HUM206 Course
Touring Cultures: Collecting words and images in Peru 3356LHS Course
Translation as a bridge between cultures 3403LHS Course
Translation as a Bridge Between Cultures 2403LHS Course
Transnational Indigenous Literatures 3062LHS Course
Understanding Narrative Fiction LCS22 Course
Understanding Risk 7143LHS Course
Understanding the Language Learner 7902LHS Course
Understanding the Social World SGY14 Course
Understanding the Social World 1007LHS Course
Visual Culture COM120 Course
War, Peace and Security: Humanity and History 3145LHS Course
Wicked Problems 3300LHS Course
Work and Leisure SGY354 Course
Work and Leisure 3054LHS Course
World Cinema 3301LHS Course
World Englishes 7992LHS Course
World History 1117LHS Course
Writing Across Cultures 2106LHS Course
Writing Contemporary Fiction 7119LHS Course
Writing Creative Nonfiction - Places, People and Journey 7158LHS Course
Writing Creative Nonfiction: Places, People and Journey 7118LHS Course
Writing Crime and Contemporary Romance CWR211 Course
Writing for Children and Young Adults CWR213 Course
Writing Gothic and Speculative Fiction CWR312 Course
Writing History 3052LHS Course
Writing Poetry 2153LHS Course
Writing Poetry CWR210 Course
Writing Poetry 2154LHS Course
Writing Short Fiction 2036LHS Course
Writing Short Fiction 2076LHS Course
Writing the Character Journey from Comics to Film 2105LHS Course
Writing the Short Story CWR111 Course

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