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Name Code Type
21st Century Legal Practice: Professions, Disruption, and Technology 5337LAW Course
Administrative Law 5003LAW Course
Administrative Law 7717LAW Course
Administrative Law 3017LAW Course
Advanced Family Law Clinic 5061LAW Course
Advanced Research Methods in Migration Law 7235LAW Course
Advanced Research Project in Law 7700LAW Course
Advanced Urban Planning Law 7328LAW Course
Advocacy Skills in Migration Casework 7233LAW Course
Alternative Dispute Resolution - Clinic 5036LAW Course
Animal Law 5069LAW Course
Applied Migration Law and Practice 7134LAW Course
Arts, War and International Law 5329LAW Course
Australia's Visa System 7132LAW Course
Biotechnology and the Law 7128LAW Course
Canadian Administrative Law 7754LAW Course
Canadian Administrative Law 5254LAW Course
Canadian Constitutional Law 5253LAW Course
Canadian Criminal Law 5251LAW Course
Canadian Legal Professional Responsibility 5256LAW Course
Career Planning Research Elective 5334LAW Course
Civil Procedure 7710LAW Course
Civil Procedure 4021LAW Course
Civil Procedure 5210LAW Course
Client Skills in the Visa Application process 7232LAW Course
Commercial Law 5032LAW Course
Communication Processes in Law 5122LAW Course
Community Lawyering Clinic 5238LAW Course
Competition and Consumer Law 5021LAW Course
Constitutional Law 2002LAW Course
Constitutional Law 7716LAW Course
Constitutional Law 3016LAW Course
Contract and Civil Obligations 1 1014LAW Course
Contract and Civil Obligations 2 1015LAW Course
Contracts 1 1029LAW Course
Contracts 1 7729LAW Course
Contracts 2 7730LAW Course
Contracts 2 1030LAW Course
Corporate Governance and Regulation 3002LAW Course
Corporations and Associations 7725LAW Course
Corporations and Associations 4025LAW Course
Crime 1 2019LAW Course
Crime 1 7719LAW Course
Crime 2 7720LAW Course
Crime 2 2020LAW Course
Criminal Advocacy 5240LAW Course
Criminal Procedure and Sentencing 4031LAW Course
Cultural Legal Studies 6039LAW Course
Current issues in Migration Law and Practice 7136LAW Course
Dispute Resolution Between Foreign Investors and Host States 7603LAW Course
Dissertation 2 6002LAW_P2 Course
Domestic and Family Violence 5126LAW Course
Environmental and Social Advocacy 5170LAW Course
Environmental Justice 5233LAW Course
Environmental Law 5173LAW Course
Equity 2010LAW Course
Equity and Trusts 7724LAW Course
Equity and Trusts 4024LAW Course
Establishing and Operating an Ethical Migration practice 7234LAW Course
Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Practice 5193LAW_M3 Course
Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Practice 5193LAW Course
Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Practice 7793LAW Course
EU Law - Understanding the Fundamentals 5331LAW Course
Evidence 5194LAW Course
Evidence 7794LAW Course
Evidence 4022LAW Course
Extended Internship Clinic 5328LAW Course
Family Law 5027LAW Course
First Peoples Students Moot 5340LAW Course
Food Law and Policy 5182LAW Course
Foundations of Australian Migration Law and Practice 7131LAW Course
Foundations of Canadian Law 5250LAW Course
Foundations of Canadian Law 7750LAW Course
Foundations of Law 1031LAW Course
Foundations of Law 7731LAW Course
Gender and the Law 5218LAW Course
Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes 5325LAW Course
Global Dimensions of Intellectual Property Law 7604LAW Course
Global Dimensions of Intellectual Property Law 7504LAW Course
Global Law 7728LAW Course
Global Law 1028LAW Course
Health Care Law 5035LAW Course
HKIAC internship clinic 5203LAW Course
Honours Thesis and Completion 6002LAW_P3 Course
Honours Thesis Work in Progress 6002LAW_P1 Course
Immigration and Refugee Law 5124LAW Course
Immigration and Refugee Law 7004LAW Course
Independent Research Project in Migration Law 7236LAW_P3 Course
Independent Research Project in Migration Law 7236LAW_P2 Course
Independent Research Project in Migration Law 7236LAW_P1 Course
Innocence Project 2 5167LAW Course
Innocence Project Clinic 5166LAW Course
Insurance Law 5189LAW Course
Intellectual Property for Artists and Designers 5191LAW Course
Interdisciplinary Research Project 5000LAW Course
International and Comparative Native Title Law. 5332LAW Course
International Arbitration 5177LAW Course
International Commercial Arbitration 7058LAW Course
International Commercial Arbitration 7612LAW Course
International Commercial Arbitration 7512LAW Course
International Commercial Litigation 7511LAW Course
International Commercial Litigation 7611LAW Course
International Commercial Litigation 7059LAW Course
International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration 7602LAW Course
International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration 7502LAW Course
International Criminal Law 7608LAW Course
International Criminal Law 7508LAW Course
International Dispute Resolution (Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration) 7056LAW Course
International Environmental Law 7606LAW Course
International Environmental Law 7506LAW Course
International Environmental Law and Policy 5237LAW Course
International Experience Clinic 5333LAW Course
International Family Law and Litigation 7610LAW Course
International Family Law and Litigation 7510LAW Course
International Human Rights 7507LAW Course
International Human Rights 7607LAW Course
International Human Rights Law 5156LAW Course
International Humanitarian Law/Law of Armed Conflict 5335LAW Course
International Litigation 5046LAW Course
International Mining and Natural Resources Law 5178LAW Course
International Negotiations 7601LAW Course
International Negotiations 7501LAW Course
International Trade Law 7609LAW Course
International Trade Law 7509LAW Course
International Trade Law 5041LAW Course
Internship Clinic 5339LAW Course
Introduction to Administrative Law 7303LAW Course
Introduction to Administrative Law LAW733 Course
Introduction to Employment and Industrial Relations Law LAW734 Course
Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning LAW730 Course
Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning 7300LAW Course
Introduction to Legal Theory 1012LAW Course
Introduction to Maritime Law 5196LAW Course
Introduction to Migration Legal Skills and Ethics 7231LAW Course
Introduction to Public Law 2018LAW Course
Introduction to Torts LAW732 Course
Introduction to Torts 2013LAW Course
Investor State Arbitration 7503LAW Course
Investor-State Arbitration 7057LAW Course
Jessup International Moot 5239LAW Course
Jurisprudence 3010LAW Course
Law and Synthetic Biology 5338LAW Course
Law and the Modern State 1011LAW Course
Law in the Aftermath 5223LAW Course
Law of Associations 3005LAW Course
Law Reform 6000LAW Course
Law Research Elective 5030LAW Course
Law Without Walls International Clinic 5278LAW Course
Law, Culture and Anthropology 5326LAW Course
Law, Faith and the Postcolonial: Critical Perspectives in Comparative Law 5171LAW Course
Legal Clinic 5022LAW Course
Legal Histories 5245LAW Course
Legal Professional Practice 5001LAW Course
Legal Research 1016LAW Course
Legal Research Methods 6001LAW Course
Legal Rhetoric 5180LAW Course
Legal Science: Roman Law in Contemporary Perspective 5336LAW Course
Legal Writing 1017LAW Course
Local Government and Planning Clinic 5341LAW Course
Masters Research Paper 1 7313LAW Course
Masters Research Paper 2 7314LAW Course
Masters Research Paper 3 7023LAW Course
Masters Research Paper 4 7024LAW Course
Masters Research Paper 5 7025LAW Course
Mediation Processes and Practices 7119LAW Course
Merits and Judicial Review 7135LAW Course
Negligence and Accident Compensation 3003LAW Course
Negotiating Legal and Commercial Disputes 7120LAW Course
Negotiating Legal and Commercial Disputes 5174LAW Course
Practical Skills in Migration Practice 7137LAW Course
Principles and Practices of Facilitation 7118LAW Course
Principles of Dispute Resolution 7117LAW Course
Principles of Intellectual Property Law 5023LAW Course
Prison Law 5241LAW Course
Property 1 7714LAW Course
Property 1 3014LAW Course
Property 1: Comparative Concepts 3011LAW Course
Property 2 7715LAW Course
Property 2 3015LAW Course
Property Law 2: Bureaucratisation of Property Interests 3012LAW Course
Property Law 3: Regulation of Proprietary Interests 4013LAW Course
Public Health Law 5345LAW Course
Public International Law 5045LAW Course
Public Law and State Power 5234LAW Course
Refugee Law and Policy Clinic 5125LAW Course
Restorative Justice 7122LAW Course
Securities Regulation and Corporate Takeovers 5226LAW Course
Social Justice and Law 5175LAW Course
Social Justice Lawyering Clinic 5064LAW Course
Sports Law 5212LAW Course
Sports Law 2103LAW Course
Street Law: Community Legal Education Clinic 5176LAW Course
Succession 5163LAW Course
The Global Lawyer 5343LAW Course
The Law and Practice of Native Title 5065LAW Course
The Law of International Organisations 7600LAW Course
The Law of International Organisations 7500LAW Course
The Principles of Criminal Law 4032LAW Course
Theories of Law 5195LAW Course
Theories of Law 7795LAW Course
Thesis Completion 6002LAW_Y2 Course
Thesis Work in Progress 6002LAW_Y1 Course
Torts 1 2021LAW Course
Torts 1 7721LAW Course
Torts 2 2022LAW Course
Torts 2 7722LAW Course
Transitional Justice 7505LAW Course
Transitional Justice 7605LAW Course
Transnational Law 2004LAW Course
Trimester in Practice Clinic 5031LAW Course
Trusts 2011LAW Course
Urban Planning Law 5020LAW Course
Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Oral Competition) 5057LAW Course
Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Written Competition) 5056LAW Course
Visa Compliance, Cancellation and Review 7133LAW Course
Wild Law: The Theory and Practice of Earth Jurisprudence 5327LAW Course
Workplace Conflict Resolution 7123LAW Course
Workplace Law 5029LAW Course
Wrongful Conviction: Journeys to Freedom 5330LAW Course

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