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Name Code Type
A Window into Hispanic Cultures 3086LAL Course
A Window into Hispanic Cultures (Enhanced) 3090LAL Course
Advanced Japanese Online 4040LAL Course
Beyond What is Said: The Pragmatics of English 2202LAL Course
Chinese/English Business Interpreting II 3013LAL Course
Chinese/English Written Communication II 3015LAL Course
Current Affairs in the Hispanic World 3085LAL Course
Current Affairs in the Hispanic World (Enhanced) 3088LAL Course
Elementary Spanish II 1081LAL Course
English Words and Grammar 2204LAL Course
Formal Syntax 3009LAL Course
Functional Japanese 2 2042LAL Course
Functional Japanese 2 (Enhanced) 2045LAL Course
In-Country Independent Study 3191LAL Course
In-Country Independent Study 3192LAL Course
Independent Research Study 7998LAL Course
Intensive Introductory Italian A 1092LAL Course
Intercultural Communication 3202LAL Course
Intercultural Communication Enhanced 3222LAL Course
Intermediate Spanish II 2081LAL Course
Intermediate Spanish II (Enhanced) 2083LAL Course
Introductory Italian B 1091LAL Course
Italian Literature and Society 3094LAL Course
Italy through Food 3190LAL Course
Italy through the Theatre and Cinema 3093LAL Course
Japan Study Tour 1024LAL Course
Japanese for Professional Purposes (Enhanced) 3534LAL Course
Japanese Intermediate Level 4 3043LAL Course
Japanese Introductory Level 2 1033LAL Course
Japanese Introductory Level 3 2032LAL Course
Japanese Introductory Level 4 2033LAL Course
Japanese Linguistics 3536LAL Course
Japanese Society and Pop Culture 1406LAL Course
Language and Thought 3152LAL Course
Linguistics 1B - Introduction to the Study of Language II 1002LAL Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IA 1084LAL Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IA 1084LAL_M2 Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IB 1085LAL Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIA 2010LAL Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIB 2011LAL Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIIA 3010LAL Course
Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) IIIB 3011LAL Course
Professional English: Effective Communication in Workplace Setti 1201LAL Course
Second Language Acquisition 3002LAL Course
Second Language Curriculum Development 7904LAL Course
Second Language Teaching in Practice 7903LAL Course
Semantics 3154LAL Course
Situational Japanese 2 3041LAL Course
Sociolinguistics for Second Language Teachers 7994LAL Course
Spanish for Professional Purposes 3083LAL Course
Spanish for Professional Purposes (Enhanced) 3087LAL Course
Spoken Italian 2091LAL Course
Technology Enhanced Language Learning and Teaching 7993LAL Course
Translation as a bridge between cultures 3403LAL Course
World Englishes 7992LAL Course
Written Italian 2092LAL Course

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