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Name Code Type
3D Game Development 3624ICT Course
Advanced Algorithms 3805ICT Course
Advanced Databases 7205ICT Course
Advanced Network Architectures 3811ICT Course
Advanced Networking 7502ICT Course
Advanced Reseach Project in Information Technology A 2105ICT Course
Advanced Research Project in Information Technology B 3105ICT Course
Advanced Software Development 7420ICT Course
Advanced Topics in Information Technology A 6205ICT Course
Advanced Topics in Information Technology B 6206ICT Course
Advanced Topics in Information Technology C 6105ICT Course
Advanced Topics in Information Technology D 6106ICT Course
Advanced Topics in Parallel Computing 6217ICT Course
Agile Business Analysis 7812ICT Course
Agile Business Analysis 3812ICT Course
Applied Network Security 3809ICT Course
Big Data Analytics and Social Media 4030ICT Course
Business Analysis 2511ICT_M3 Course
Business Analysis 2511ICT Course
Business Analysis 7103ICT Course
Business Informatics ICT108 Course
Business Informatics 1008ICT Course
Communications for ICT 1012ICT Course
Computer and Network Architecture 1807ICT Course
Computer Networking Essentials 2809ICT Course
Computer Networking Essentials 2809ICT_M2 Course
Computer Networks and Security 2506ICT Course
Computer Systems and Networks 1007ICT Course
Computer Systems and Networks 7611ICT Course
Computing Algorithms 2801ICT Course
Creative Coding 1701ICT Course
Data Analytics 3803ICT Course
Data Communication 7004ICT Course
Data Management 1804ICT Course
Data Management 1804ICT_M2 Course
Data Mining 3804ICT Course
Data Structures and Algorithms 2401ICT Course
Database Design 2002ICT Course
Database Design 7003ICT Course
Database Systems and Administration 3612ICT_M2 Course
Database Systems and Administration 3612ICT Course
Database Technology 7204ICT Course
Discrete Mathematics 2402ICT Course
Discrete Structures 2804ICT Course
Discrete Structures 1808ICT Course
Dissertation 7590ICT_P1 Course
Dissertation 7590ICT_P2 Course
Dissertation 7590ICT_P4 Course
Dissertation 7590ICT_P3 Course
Dynamic Multimedia Systems 3622ICT Course
Dynamic Multimedia Systems 2622ICT Course
eCommerce 2512ICT Course
Educational Design in Multimedia 3723ICT Course
Emerging Technologies 1611ICT Course
Enterprise Architecture 6118ICT Course
Enterprise Architecture Applications 7302ICT Course
Enterprise Architecture Concepts 7301ICT Course
eService Technology 7401ICT Course
Graphics Programming 3407ICT Course
Honours Thesis 6190ICT_P3 Course
Honours Thesis 6190ICT_P2 Course
Honours Thesis 6190ICT_P4 Course
Honours Thesis 6190ICT_P1 Course
Human Computer Interaction 1805ICT Course
Industry Affiliates Program 7740ICT Course
Industry Affiliates Program 7720ICT Course
Industry Affiliates Program 3020ICT_M2 Course
Industry Affiliates Program 3020ICT Course
Industry Project 3002ICT Course
Industry Project (Part I) 3001ICT_Y1 Course
Industry Project (Part II) 3001ICT_Y2 Course
Information and Content Management 7623ICT Course
Information and Content Management 3623ICT Course
Information Management 2808ICT Course
Information Security Management 7808ICT Course
Information Systems Architecture 3810ICT Course
Information Systems Foundations 1803ICT Course
Information Systems Foundations 1803ICT_M3 Course
Information Technology Fundamentals 1004ICT Course
Intelligent Media Systems 2702ICT Course
Intelligent Systems 2802ICT Course
Interactive App Development 2701ICT Course
Interactive Applications Development 1612ICT Course
Interactive Visualisation 3802ICT Course
Introduction to Information Systems 7610ICT Course
Introduction to Information Systems 1410ICT Course
Introduction to Programming 1001ICT Course
IT Project 7701ICT Course
IT Services Management 7806ICT Course
IT Services Management 2806ICT Course
IT Services Management 2806ICT_M2 Course
IT/Business Alignment 7807ICT Course
IT/Business Alignment 3807ICT Course
Machine Learning 3511ICT Course
Mobile Application Development 3701ICT Course
Mobile Device Software Development 7421ICT Course
Modelling and Animation Techniques for Interactive Environments 2601ICT Course
Multiagent Systems 3421ICT Course
Network and Information Security 7504ICT Course
Network Security 7809ICT Course
Network Security 3413ICT Course
Object Oriented Programming 1005ICT Course
Object Oriented Programming 1005ICT_M2 Course
Perceptual Computing 2812ICT Course
Principles of Intelligent System 2508ICT Course
Principles of Software Engineering 2805ICT Course
Principles of Software Engineering 7805ICT Course
Professional Practice Portfolio 3601ICT Course
Professional Issues in Information Technology 3410ICT_M2 Course
Professional Issues in Information Technology 3410ICT Course
Professional Practice in IT 7101ICT Course
Programming Algorithms 7505ICT Course
Programming Fundamentals 1806ICT Course
Programming Languages 1801ICT Course
Programming Mobile Applications 2501ICT Course
Programming Principles 2807ICT Course
Programming Principles 2807ICT_M2 Course
Programming Principles 1 7001ICT Course
Programming Principles 2 7005ICT Course
Project Management 2001ICT_M2 Course
Project Management 7621ICT Course
Project Management 2001ICT Course
Research for IT Professionals 7113ICT Course
Research Methods in IT 6112ICT Course
Research Methods in IT 6112ICT_M2 Course
Research Methods in IT 7112ICT Course
Robotics, Agents and Reasoning 3806ICT Course
Routing and Internetworking 3808ICT Course
Scientific and Parallel Computing 3530ICT Course
Scientific Computing 3801ICT Course
Services Planning and Management 7404ICT Course
Software Architecture 7412ICT Course
Software Architecture 3412ICT Course
Software Development 1802ICT Course
Software Development 1802ICT_M2 Course
Software Development Processes 1810ICT Course
Software Engineering 3815ICT Course
Software Engineering 7509ICT Course
Software Engineering 2509ICT Course
Software Engineering Fundamentals 1809ICT Course
Software Frameworks 3813ICT Course
Software Quality Management 2510ICT Course
Software Technologies 7810ICT Course
Software Technologies 2810ICT Course
Strategic Information Systems Management 7418ICT Course
Strategic IS Management 3418ICT Course
System Analysis and Design 2004ICT Course
System Analysis and Design 2004ICT_M2 Course
Systems Analysis and Design 7002ICT Course
Systems and Distributed Computing 2803ICT Course
Systems Programming 3420ICT Course
Theory of Computation 3440ICT Course
User Interface Design 2505ICT Course
Web Application Development 2703ICT Course
Web Programming 2811ICT Course
Web Programming 2503ICT Course
Web Technologies 1621ICT_M2 Course
Web Technologies 1621ICT Course
Work Integrated Learning 3820ICT_P1 Course
Work Integrated Learning 3820ICT_P2 Course
Work Integrated Learning Part 1 7820ICT_P1 Course
Work Integrated Learning Part 2 7820ICT_P2 Course

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