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Name Code Type
A History of Terrorism and Political Violence 2055HUM Course
Aboriginal Political Histories 2034HUM Course
Advanced Literary Studies 3560HUM Course
Advanced Screen Project 3526HUM Course
Advising the Prince: Ethics, Politics and Power PHL520 Course
Alternative Journalism 7123HUM Course
Australian Literature and History 3009HUM Course
Australian Screen 3012HUM Course
Australian Studies: Images and Identities AUS11 Course
Australian Studies: Images of Australia 1B AUS12 Course
Communication Performance 2502HUM Course
Communication Project COM33 Course
Contemporary Aboriginal Issues 3053HUM Course
Contemporary Australian Writing 2103HUM Course
Contemporary Cinema 2109HUM Course
Contemporary European Philosophy PHL540 Course
Crime and Punishment in History 2061HUM Course
Cultural Theory, Cultural Practice 7055HUM Course
Cultural Theory, Cultural Practice 3005HUM Course
Culture and Lifestyles 2045HUM Course
Culture and Society LCS14 Course
Culture Media and Society 7404HUM Course
Culture, Media, Society 2404HUM Course
Defining Women: Social Institutions and Cultural Diversity 1908HUM Course
Digital Writing 2805HUM Course
Discipline Workshop 6100HUM Course
Documentary Studies 3508HUM Course
Documentary Studies 7058HUM Course
Dynamics of Cultural Change 3408HUM Course
Economic Sociology 3135HUM Course
Editing for Publication 7112HUM Course
Editing for Publication 3706HUM Course
Electronic Creative Writing CWR311 Course
Fame and Celebrity 2048HUM Course
Foundations of Research and Analysis 1905HUM Course
Foundations of Social Research 2127HUM Course
Foundations of Western Culture 1705HUM Course
Future Studies PLT330 Course
Gender History and Culture 1907HUM Course
Great Books B LTR120 Course
Great Empires of Islamic Civilization 2610HUM Course
History and the Body 2054HUM Course
Hollywood Cinema 2100HUM Course
Interdisciplinary Research 6107HUM Course
International Change and the Social World I 2001HUM Course
International Journalism 7212HUM Course
Introduction to Creative Writing 1104HUM Course
Introduction to Journalism 1508HUM Course
Introduction to Public Relations 1510HUM Course
Introduction to Public Relations 7520HUM Course
Introduction to Social Enterprise 1704HUM Course
Investigative Journalism 2507HUM Course
Investigative Journalism 7506HUM Course
Islam, Media and Conflict 2611HUM Course
Journalism Cultures 3025HUM Course
Journalism Internship 2 3163HUM Course
Love, Eros and Truth 2601HUM Course
Media Audiences 3305HUM Course
Media Ethics COM150 Course
Media Relations 2515HUM Course
Media, Politics and Public Opinion 7109HUM Course
Migration, Settlement and Integration 3550HUM Course
Mind, Consciousness and World 2605HUM Course
Modern Masters of Philosophy 7613HUM Course
Modern Masters of Philosophy 3616HUM Course
Moral Philosophy 2025HUM Course
Music Video Production 3525HUM Course
Muslim World Study Tour 3610HUM Course
New Communication Technologies 1501HUM Course
New Media Art 3802HUM Course
New Media Theory COM160 Course
News and Current Affairs Production 7108HUM Course
News and Politics 1503HUM Course
News Production 3105HUM Course
News Writing and Ethics 2511HUM Course
On Line News Production 3522HUM Course
On-line News Production 7509HUM Course
Plato and Aristotle PHL510 Course
Political Sociology 3139HUM Course
Popular Fiction and Mass Culture 3109HUM Course
Popular Music and Film 3007HUM Course
Producing Culture 7053HUM Course
Producing Culture 2113HUM Course
Public Relations Internship 2 3532HUM Course
Public Relations Theory, Ethics and Professional Practice 2501HUM Course
Public Writing 2512HUM Course
Public Writing COM130 Course
Public Writing 7521HUM Course
Radical Fictions 7111HUM Course
Radio Journalism 2523HUM Course
Radio Journalism 7523HUM Course
Research Colloquium 7004HUM Course
Research Design 6113HUM Course
Research Development 6001HUM Course
Research in Sociology 3035HUM Course
Risk and Crisis Communication 7522HUM Course
Risk and Crisis Communication 3517HUM Course
Rock Art in the 21st Century 2214HUM Course
Rock Art in the 21st Century 7014HUM Course
Safety Ethics and Accountability 7226HUM Course
Screen Business 2518HUM Course
Screen Business 7502HUM Course
Screen Production 1 2504HUM Course
Screen Production 2 7517HUM Course
Screen Production 2 2517HUM Course
Screenwriting 2105HUM Course
Social Enterprise Placement 3700HUM Course
Social Enterprise Project 3703HUM Course
Social Media for Journalism and Public Relations 3521HUM Course
Social Media for Professional Communicators 7129HUM Course
Social Media Law and Risk Management 7124HUM Course
Social Movements, Media and Change 7570HUM Course
Sociology of Identity 2043HUM Course
Structures of (in)security 2718HUM Course
Television Studies 2102HUM Course
The Auteur: Great Directors 2304HUM Course
The Critic: Arts and Culture 3021HUM Course
The Novella 3104HUM Course
The Politics of Inequality POL30 Course
The Storytellers: Reading Fiction 2042HUM Course
Thinking Ethically 2706HUM Course
Varieties of Enlightenment: European Philosophy 1680-1832 PHL530 Course
Video Journalism 7525HUM Course
Work and Leisure 3054HUM Course
World History 1117HUM Course
Writing about Popular Music 2039HUM Course
Writing Across Cultures 2106HUM Course
Writing and the Contemporary World 7119HUM Course
Writing for Performance 2108HUM Course
Writing for the Web 1802HUM Course
Writing for the Web 7801HUM Course
Youth and Society 1105HUM Course
Youth, Culture, and Subculture 3702HUM Course

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