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Advanced Research Statistics 6003HLS Course
Dissertation Part 1 8001HLS_P1 Course
Dissertation Part 2 8001HLS_P2 Course
Dissertation Part 3 8001HLS_P3 Course
Dissertation Part 4 8001HLS_P4 Course
Dissertation Preparation 6001HLS Course
Griffith Biology 1002HLS_Y1 Course
Griffith Biology 1002HLS_Y2 Course
Griffith Biology_P1 Year 11 9006HLS_P1 Course
Griffith Biology_P2 Year 11 9006HLS_P2 Course
Griffith Exercise and Sports Science 1001HLS_Y1 Course
Griffith Exercise and Sports Science 1001HLS_Y2 Course
Griffith Exercise and Sports Science_P1 Year 11 9005HLS_P1 Course
Griffith Exercise and Sports Science_P2 Year 11 9005HLS_P2 Course
Griffith Health - Health Promotion 1003HLS_Y2 Course
Griffith Health - Health Promotion 1003HLS_Y1 Course
Griffith Health _P2 Year 11 9007HLS_P2 Course
Griffith Health_P1 Year 11 9007HLS_P1 Course
Griffith Psychology 1004HLS_Y2 Course
Griffith Psychology 1004HLS_Y1 Course
Griffith Psychology_P1 Year 11 9008HLS_P1 Course
Griffith Psychology_P2 Year 11 9008HLS_P2 Course
Health IDEAS Interprofessional Learning HLS_HTHIDEAS_IPE Course
Health Services Management Clinical Leaders HSM_CLINICAL_LEADERS Course
Independent Study 6004HLS Course
Introduction to Applied Mathematics and Computer Skills 9004HLS Course
Introduction to Communication and Literacy 9001HLS Course
Introduction to Lifespan and Social Development 9003HLS Course
Introduction to Project Management in Health Organisations 20180502 Course
Introduction to Sciences 9002HLS Course
Quantitative Research 6002HLS Course

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