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Name Code Type
A Post-Secular Age? Religion, the State and Global Society 7016GIR Course
Aboriginal Governance in Australia: Politics, Policies and Programs 7040GIR Course
America's World MIR805 Course
American Foreign Policy 3007GIR Course
Arts and Cultural Policy PSM240 Course
Arts and Event Management PSM250 Course
Australia and the World: Securing Prosperity 7007GIR Course
Australia's Foreign Relations 3012GIR Course
Australian Foreign Policy MIR704 Course
Australian Policy in Southeast Asia PSM230 Course
Australian Politics and Government 2002GIR Course
Australian Social Policy 1 PSM260 Course
Australian Social Policy 2 PSM270 Course
Business and Government 7002GIR Course
Business and Politics in the Asia Pacific Region 3027GIR Course
Case Studies in Foreign Policy Decision Making 7015GIR Course
Case Studies in Foreign Policy Decision Making MIR703 Course
China and the World 3010GIR Course
Chinese Government and Politics 2008GIR Course
Comparative Politics of Southeast Asia 2015GIR Course
Creating Good Policy PSM210 Course
Decision Making Under Uncertainty 7204GIR Course
Delivering Public Value 7200GIR Course
Democratisation Business and Governance in Asia 7012GIR Course
Designing Public Policies and Programs 7203GIR Course
Dilemmas in International Relations 3011GIR Course
Economic Ideas and Political Institutions 2009GIR Course
European Democracy in the Twenty-First Century 2012GIR Course
Evaluating Policy and Measuring Performance 7024GIR Course
Evaluating Policy and Measuring Performance 7208GIR Course
From Policy to Delivery: Commissioning Public Services 7036GIR Course
Global Security 2020GIR Course
Globalisation 7005GIR Course
Globalisation 6005GIR Course
Globalisation the Asia-Pacific and Australia 1003GIR Course
Governing by the Rules 7205GIR Course
Government Business Relations GIR204 Course
Government in a Market Economy 7206GIR Course
Government, Regulation and Markets MIR806 Course
Government-Business Relations 2004GIR Course
Government-Business Relations 2004GIR_M2 Course
Government-Business Relations 1004GIR Course
Governments, Markets and Communities 2005GIR Course
Great Political Debates 3102GIR Course
Honours Dissertation Part 1 6002GIR_P1 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 2 6002GIR_P2 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 3 6002GIR_P3 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 4 6002GIR_P4 Course
Human Rights in World Politics 3008GIR Course
Implementation and Service Delivery 7027GIR Course
Implementation and Service Delivery 7210GIR Course
Independent Project 3020GIR Course
Independent Project 7034GIR Course
India's Rise and International Relations 3015GIR Course
International Environmental Issues and International Organisatio MIR803 Course
International Relations 1001GIR Course
International Relations Theory 2017GIR Course
International Relations Theory for the 21st Century MIR701 Course
International Relations Theory: Concepts and Approaches 7001GIR Course
International Security 7006GIR Course
International Security MIR702 Course
Introduction to American Politics 2010GIR Course
Introduction to Political Philosophy 2001GIR Course
Introduction to Politics 1101GIR Course
Key Issues in Development Studies 7009GIR Course
Leadership and Business Acumen PSM310 Course
Leading Public Sector Change 7201GIR Course
Legal Issues for Managers 2007GIR Course
Managing Public Sector Organisations 7214GIR Course
MPA Dissertation 8010GIR_P3 Course
MPA Dissertation 8010GIR_P1 Course
MPA Dissertation 8010GIR_P2 Course
New Directions in Policy Analysis 7031GIR Course
Nuclear Asia 7026GIR Course
Parliamentary Project 3004GIR Course
Parties, Campaigns and Elections 3019GIR Course
Policy Advice: Evidence, Argument and persuasion in Policy-Making 7209GIR Course
Policy Advice: Evidence, Argument and Persuasion in Policy-Making 7025GIR Course
Policy in a Democracy: Public Pressure and Public Engagement 7039GIR Course
Policy in a Global Era PSM220 Course
Political Ideas and Political Thought 1103GIR Course
Political Leadership 2013GIR Course
Politics of International Law and Organisations 2019GIR Course
Power and Policy Making 3013GIR Course
Power in East Asia 2016GIR Course
Problems and Methods in the Transition to Research 6003GIR Course
Prudence, Ethics and Accountability 7033GIR Course
Public Participation and Social Impact Assessment 7010GIR Course
Reading Seminar 7003GIR Course
Research Methods for Policy Makers 7028GIR Course
Research Project 3009GIR Course
Research Project 3021GIR Course
Research Project 7029GIR Course
Rhetoric, Spin and the Media 2006GIR Course
Rights, War and Justice: Ethics in International Relations 7035GIR Course
Shared and Divided Power: Modern Challenges in Intergovernmental Relations 7212GIR Course
Solving Policy Problems 3001GIR Course
Strategic Approaches to Integrity and Anti-Corruption 7008GIR Course
Terrorism 7020GIR Course
Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, and Globalisation 3018GIR Course
The Business of Sustainability 2101GIR Course
The Mechanics of Power 1102GIR Course
The Political, Legal and Governance Environment 7023GIR Course
The Politics of Identity: Religion, Culture and Globalisation 3016GIR Course
The Politics of International Environmental Issues: Knowledge, Power and Interests 7014GIR Course
The Way of the Dictator 3017GIR Course
Theory and Methodology in Social Science Research 6001GIR Course
Work Placement (Political Practice) 3101GIR Course
Work-Based Research Project 7215GIR Course
Work-Based Research Project 7207GIR Course

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