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Advanced Art Direction 1 7706GFS Course
Advanced Art Direction 2 7707GFS Course
Advanced Cinematography 7065GFS Course
Advanced Cinematography 1 7708GFS Course
Advanced Cinematography 2 7709GFS Course
Advanced Directing 1 7679GFS Course
Advanced Directing 2 7680GFS Course
Advanced Game Development 3102GFS Course
Advanced Non-Fiction 1 7677GFS Course
Advanced Non-Fiction 2 7678GFS Course
Advanced Producing 1 7656GFS Course
Advanced Producing 2 7659GFS Course
Advanced Scriptwriting 7627GFS Course
Advanced Serial Writing 1 7664GFS Course
Advanced Serial Writing 2 7665GFS Course
Advanced Visual Effects 2 7705GFS Course
Aesthetics of Editing 7715GFS Course
Aesthetics of Editing 2715GFS Course
Alternative Animation Techniques 2123GFS Course
Alternative Animation Techniques 7121GFS Course
Animating: Acting and Performance 7112GFS Course
Animating: Acting and Performance 2111GFS Course
Animating: Applied Practice 2131GFS Course
Animating: Mechanics and Motion 1116GFS Course
Animating: Processes and Tools 3122GFS Course
Animation Folio Pre-Production 3121GFS Course
Animation Forms 7124GFS Course
Animation Forms 2125GFS Course
Animation Industry Placement 1 3137GFS Course
Animation Industry Placement 2 3138GFS Course
Animation PG Special Studies 7073GFS Course
Animation Portfolio 3126GFS Course
Animation Production Folio 3141GFS_Y2 Course
Animation Production Folio 3141GFS_Y1 Course
Animation Special Project 2115GFS Course
Animation Special Studies 2114GFS Course
Art Direction 3124GFS Course
Arts-Science in the Field 7002GFS Course
Arts-Science in the Field 2002GFS Course
Asia Pacific Film 7110GFS Course
Asia Pacific Film 2712GFS Course
Asia Pacific Film 2 7735GFS Course
Asia Pacific Film Online 2 3732GFS Course
Australian Screen Industries 2716GFS Course
Cel Action Specialisation 3136GFS Course
CGI Animation 1119GFS Course
CGI Environments 7672GFS Course
CGI: Character Modelling 2112GFS Course
CGI: Character Modelling 7125GFS Course
CGI: Digital Sculpture 7127GFS Course
CGI: Digital Sculpture 3123GFS Course
CGI: Digital Sculpture 3123GFS_M2 Course
CGI: Environments 2132GFS Course
CGI: Shaders and Textures 3135GFS Course
CGI: VFX and Dynamics 7674GFS Course
CGI: VFX and Dynamics 3131GFS Course
Cinematography 1704GFS Course
Cinematography 7692GFS Course
Cinematography 1 2731GFS Course
Cinematography 1 7726GFS Course
Cinematography 2 2732GFS Course
Cinematography 2 7733GFS Course
Cinematography 2 2707GFS Course
Colour/Grading 7687GFS Course
Colour/Grading 3720GFS Course
Comics and Sequential Storytelling 2104GFS Course
Comics and Sequential Storytelling 7104GFS Course
Concept Design Fundamentals 1117GFS Course
Concept Design: Characters 2102GFS Course
Concept Design: Environments 2133GFS Course
Concept Design: Environments 7133GFS Course
Contemporary Animation 3125GFS Course
Contemporary Issues and Games Design 3118GFS Course
Craft Skills 7651GFS Course
Creative Producing 2730GFS Course
Creative Producing 7730GFS Course
Digital Production 2 7671GFS Course
Digital Storytelling 1711GFS Course
Directing and Acting 7670GFS Course
Directing and Acting 2708GFS Course
Directing Fundamentals and Pre-Visualisation 7718GFS Course
Directing Fundamentals and Pre-Visualisation 2718GFS Course
Documentary Production 2602GFS Course
Documentary Production 2706GFS Course
Documentary Production 7612GFS Course
Documentary Production 2706GFS_M2 Course
Documentary Project 7654GFS Course
Documentary Scriptwriting 2719GFS Course
Documentary Scriptwriting 7652GFS Course
Drama Production 2704GFS Course
Drawing for Moving Image 1104GFS Course
Ecology, Sensing and the Arts 2001GFS Course
Ecology, Sensing and the Arts 7001GFS Course
Editing 7694GFS Course
Editing 1708GFS Course
Episodic Content 2725GFS Course
Exegesis 6012GFS Course
Experimental Games Design 3130GFS Course
Extended Project Realisation 7688GFS Course
Feature Film Screenplay 7667GFS Course
Feature Film Writing 7684GFS Course
Film and Television Project 3657GFS Course
Film and Television Project 3658GFS Course
Film and Television Project 7657GFS Course
Final Project 7721GFS_P1 Course
Final Project 7721GFS_P2 Course
Final Project - Research 7723GFS_P1 Course
Final Project - Research 7723GFS_P2 Course
Game Studio 3114GFS_P1 Course
Game Studio 3114GFS_P2 Course
Games History and Culture 2103GFS Course
Games Internship 1 3133GFS Course
Games Internship 2 3134GFS Course
Games Level Design 2101GFS Course
Games Rapid Prototyping 3129GFS Course
Games Special Studies 3132GFS Course
GFS International Engagement 1 3727GFS Course
GFS International Engagement 2 3728GFS Course
GFS Special Studies 1 3735GFS Course
GFS Special Studies 2 3736GFS Course
Griffith Film 1000GFS Course
History and Future of the Moving Image 1713GFS Course
Honours Research Project 6301GFS_P4 Course
Honours Research Project 6301GFS_P3 Course
Honours Research Project 6301GFS_P2 Course
Honours Research Project 6301GFS_P1 Course
Image and Sound 7736GFS Course
Image and Sound 1715GFS Course
Industry Engagement 2702GFS Course
Industry Practice (Internship Project) 7624GFS Course
Industry Production Practices 2714GFS Course
Industry Research 3109GFS Course
Inspiring Films 7728GFS Course
Inspiring Films 2728GFS Course
Interactive Characters 2733GFS Course
Interactive Storytelling 2720GFS Course
Interactive Storytelling 7720GFS Course
Internship 7711GFS Course
Intro to CGI Materials and Texture Mapping Workflows 7135GFS Course
Intro to Professional Practice 3101GFS Course
Introduction to Game Development 1111GFS Course
Introduction to Screen Production 1701GFS Course
Introduction to Unreal Engine 2137GFS Course
Introduction to Unreal Engine 7137GFS Course
Masters Production Project 7688GFS_P2 Course
Masters Production Project 7688GFS_P1 Course
Masters Production Project 7688GFS_P3 Course
Masters Production Project 7688GFS_P4 Course
Masters Project 7722GFS_P2 Course
Masters Project 7722GFS_P1 Course
Masters Project - Research 7724GFS_P2 Course
Masters Project - Research 7724GFS_P1 Course
Maya Fundamentals 1120GFS Course
Mechanics in Action: Arcade Games 1112GFS Course
Motion Capture 3713GFS Course
Narrative Design 2401GFS Course
Outback Filmmaking Bootcamp 2721GFS Course
Outback Filmmaking Bootcamp 7725GFS Course
Player Experience Design 2134GFS Course
Post Production and Audience 1716GFS Course
Post Production and Audience 7737GFS Course
Post Production and Markets 1720GFS Course
Post Production: Compositing 7676GFS Course
Post Production: Compositing 3706GFS Course
Post Production: Fundamentals 7673GFS Course
Post Production: Fundamentals 2127GFS Course
Post Production: Fundamentals 2127GFS_M2 Course
Post Production: Integration 2128GFS Course
Post Production: Integration 7128GFS Course
Post Workflow and Coordination 2729GFS Course
Post Workflow and Coordination 7729GFS Course
Principles of Animation 7108GFS Course
Principles of Animation 1108GFS Course
Principles of Games Design 1 1105GFS Course
Principles of Games Design 2 1110GFS Course
Producing for Screen and Society in the 21st Century 3717GFS Course
Producing for Screen and Society in the 21st Century 7628GFS Course
Production Design 7713GFS Course
Production Design 1 2713GFS Course
Production Design 2 7734GFS Course
Production Design 2 3723GFS Course
Production Management 7714GFS Course
Production Project 3724GFS_Y1 Course
Production Project 3737GFS_Y2 Course
Production Project 3724GFS_Y2 Course
Production Project 3737GFS_Y1 Course
Production Project Development 3726GFS Course
Professional Internship Project 6701GFS Course
Professional Practice 1 3714GFS Course
Professional Practice 2 3715GFS Course
Professional Practice 3 3730GFS Course
Programming for Interactive Media 1109GFS Course
Reading the Moving Image 1114GFS Course
Realtime Environments 1121GFS Course
Realtime Environments 2119GFS Course
Reflective Production Practice 7682GFS Course
Research 7653GFS Course
Research Folio Development 7623GFS Course
Research Folio Project 7691GFS_P1 Course
Research Folio Project 7691GFS_P3 Course
Research Folio Project 7691GFS_P2 Course
Research Folio Project 7691GFS_P4 Course
Science Fictions: Creative Climate Futures 7003GFS Course
Science Fictions: Creative Climate Futures 2003GFS Course
Screen Business 7608GFS Course
Screen Business 2734GFS Course
Screen Distribution 7693GFS Course
Screen Distribution 3704GFS Course
Screen Entrepreneurship 7732GFS Course
Screen Entrepreneurship 3729GFS Course
Screen Producing 3702GFS Course
Screen Production 7648GFS Course
Screen Production 3605GFS Course
Screen Production PG Special Studies 7064GFS Course
Screen Production Project 7658GFS Course
Screen Production Specialisation 1 7660GFS Course
Screen Production Specialisation 2 7661GFS Course
Screen Production Specialisation 3 7662GFS Course
Screen Research 6015GFS Course
Screen Research Seminar 6010GFS Course
Script Development 7605GFS Course
Script Development 3653GFS Course
Script Development and Drama Production 3603GFS Course
Scriptwriting 1 1705GFS Course
Scriptwriting 1 7116GFS Course
Scriptwriting 2 2701GFS Course
Scriptwriting 3 3716GFS Course
Serious Games 2130GFS Course
Short Film Project 1717GFS Course
Sound Design 7655GFS Course
Sound Recording and Design 2717GFS Course
Sound Recording and Design 1 7727GFS Course
Sound Recording and Design 2 3718GFS Course
Sound Recording and Design 3 7719GFS Course
Sound Recording and Design 3 3719GFS Course
Special Project 7712GFS Course
Stop Motion Animation Fabrication 2 2136GFS Course
Stop-Motion Animating 1 3139GFS Course
Stop-Motion Animating 2 3140GFS Course
Story and Audience 1718GFS Course
Story and Voice 1714GFS Course
Story Ideation 7649GFS Course
Story Skills 7650GFS Course
Study Tour 7710GFS Course
Television Project 1721GFS Course
Television Screenplay 3705GFS Course
Television Screenplay 7669GFS Course
Television Studio Production 1719GFS Course
Topics in Screen Research 6014GFS Course
TV Outside Broadcast 7619GFS Course
TV Outside Broadcast 2710GFS Course
TV Studio Production 1722GFS Course
TV Studio Production - Advanced 3712GFS Course
TV Studio Production - Introduction 1702GFS Course
TV Studio Production - Introduction 7603GFS Course
Video Documentary Production 2612GFS Course
Virtual Reality Project 2722GFS Course
Visual Story 2107GFS Course
Visual Story 7107GFS Course
Work Placement 3725GFS Course
Work Placement 2 3734GFS Course
Writing for Short Form 3402GFS Course

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