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Asia-Pacific Study Tour 7901GBS Course
Business Dissertation 8002GBS_P2 Course
Business Dissertation 8002GBS_P3 Course
Business Dissertation 8002GBS_P1 Course
Business Simulation 3102GBS Course
Developing Values-based Leadership 7509GBS Course
GBS Dissertation 8001GBS_P1 Course
GBS Dissertation 8001GBS_P2 Course
GBS Dissertation 8001GBS_P4 Course
GBS Dissertation 8001GBS_P3 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 1 6300GBS_P1 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 2 6300GBS_P2 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 3 6300GBS_P3 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 4 6300GBS_P4 Course
I-WIL in Impact Oriented Workplaces 3101GBS Course
Industry Project 3002GBS Course
Industry Project 7009GBS Course
Introduction to Business Skills 9005GBS Course
Leadership 1: Developing Personal Awareness 7514EHR Course
Leadership 2: Understanding human interaction 7515EHR Course
Leading Teams 7510EHR Course
Managing Creativity in Organisations 7513IBA Course
Managing Organisational Transformation 7512IBA Course
PG Business Internship I 7004GBS Course
PG Business Internship II 7005GBS Course
PG Global Mobility Internship II 7007GBS Course
Qualitative Methods 7012GBS Course
Quantitative Methods 7011GBS Course
Research Design 7010GBS Course
UG Business Internship I 3001GBS Course
UG Business Internship II 3000GBS Course
UG Global Mobility Internship II 3003GBS Course

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