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Name Code Type
Accounting: Integrated Reporting 7702GBS Course
Advanced Consumer Behaviour 7602GBS Course
Applied Finance 7807GBS Course
Applied Financial Planning 7820GBS Course
Applied Taxation 7822GBS Course
Asia-Pacific Study Tour 7901GBS Course
Behavioural Finance and Wealth Management 7812GBS Course
Brand Strategy and Management 7603GBS Course
Business Dissertation 8002GBS_P1 Course
Business Dissertation 8002GBS_P2 Course
Business Dissertation 8002GBS_P3 Course
Business Planning WIL 1003GBS Course
Business Simulation 3102GBS Course
Business Strategy WIL 2012GBS Course
Case Studies in Financial Planning 7824GBS Course
Contemporary Issues in Compensable Injury Management 7103GBS Course
Corporate Communications 7601GBS Course
Data Analysis 7707GBS Course
Derivatives and Risk Management 7810GBS Course
Developing Values-based Leadership 7509GBS Course
Digital and Interactive Marketing 7607GBS Course
Doing Business across Asia-Pacific 7709GBS Course
Economics 7701GBS Course
Engaging with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Business Communities 3200GBS Course
Environmental Management 7506GBS Course
Equity Investments 7808GBS Course
Ethics and Alternative Investments 7813GBS Course
Evaluating Marketing Peformance 7610GBS Course
Finance 7705GBS Course
Financial Data Analysis 7802GBS Course
Financial Markets 7803GBS Course
Financial Planning Fundamentals 7818GBS Course
Financial Statements Analysis 7816GBS Course
Fixed Income Investments 7809GBS Course
GBS Dissertation 8001GBS_P3 Course
GBS Dissertation 8001GBS_P2 Course
GBS Dissertation 8001GBS_P1 Course
GBS Dissertation 8001GBS_P4 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 1 6300GBS_P1 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 2 6300GBS_P2 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 3 6300GBS_P3 Course
Honours Dissertation Part 4 6300GBS_P4 Course
I-WIL in Impact Oriented Workplaces 3101GBS Course
Income Tax Law 7817GBS Course
Industry Project 7009GBS Course
Industry Project 3002GBS Course
Innovation for Growth 7608GBS Course
Innovation: Envisioning New Business 7711GBS Course
Integrated Marketing Communication 7604GBS Course
International Marketing 7606GBS Course
Introduction to Business Skills 9005GBS Course
Investments 7801GBS Course
Leadership 1: Developing Personal Awareness 7514EHR Course
Leadership 2: Understanding human interaction 7515EHR Course
Leadership: Responsibility and Change 7706GBS Course
Leading and Managing Change 7512GBS Course
Leading and Managing Projects 7511GBS Course
Leading Teams 7510EHR Course
Managerial Problem Solving 7712GBS Course
Managing Creativity in Organisations 7513IBA Course
Managing Individuals, Groups and Human Performance 7510GBS Course
Managing Organisational Transformation 7512IBA Course
Managing Sustainable Enterprise 7508GBS Course
Market Research 7611GBS Course
Marketing 7708GBS Course
Marketing Foundations 7600GBS Course
Master of Business Administration Special Topics 7902GBS Course
People 7703GBS Course
Personal Injury Scheme Evaluation 7101GBS Course
Personal Injury Strategic Claims Management 7102GBS Course
Personal Risk Management 7819GBS Course
PG Business Internship I 7004GBS Course
PG Business Internship II 7005GBS Course
PG Global Mobility Internship II 7007GBS Course
Principles of Business and Corporations Law 7823GBS Course
Principles of Personal Injury Scheme Design 7100GBS Course
Professional Management Consulting 7008GBS Course
Professionalism in Financial Services 7814GBS Course
Qualitative Methods 7012GBS Course
Quantitative Methods 7011GBS_M2 Course
Quantitative Methods 7011GBS Course
Research Design 7010GBS Course
Retirement and Estate Planning 7821GBS Course
Services Marketing 7605GBS Course
Special Topics in Research 7003GBS Course
Strategy 7704GBS Course
Supply Networks 7710GBS Course
Sustainability: Adaptive Thinking 7700GBS Course
UG Business Internship I 3001GBS Course
UG Business Internship II 3000GBS Course
UG Global Mobility Internship I 3004GBS Course
UG Global Mobility Internship II 3003GBS Course

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