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Advanced Analytical Chemistry 3202ENV Course
Advanced Analytical Chemistry 3102NSC Course
Advanced Applied Bioinformatics 7104ESC Course
Advanced Development Processes Studio 7128ENV Course
Advanced Differential Equations and Modelling 3201NSC Course
Advanced Mathematics 7314NSC Course
Advanced Methods in Archaeological Science 6004ESC Course
Advanced Molecular Biology 7308NSC Course
Advanced Natural Resource Planning Studio 7512ENV Course
Advanced NMR and Analytical Chemistry: Food Security 7313NSC Course
Advanced Numerical Methods 3204NSC Course
Advanced Organic Chemistry 3105NSC Course
Advanced Physiology 3014NSC Course
Advanced Protein Engineering 7101ESC Course
Advanced Science Communication 8000ESC Course
Advanced Strategic Planning Studio 7038ENV Course
Advanced Studies Project 3094NSC_P1 Course
Advanced Studies Project 3094NSC_P2 Course
Advanced Studies Project 3094SCG_P1 Course
Advanced Studies Project 3094SCG_P2 Course
Advanced Studies Task 1 2601SCG Course
Advanced Studies Task 2 2602SCG Course
Advanced Synthetic Chemistry 6103NSC Course
Advanced Urban Analysis and Planning Studio 7056ENV Course
Advanced Water Leadership 7972ESC Course
Analytical and Statistical Mechanics 2307ESC Course
Analytical Chemical Techniques 3001ESC Course
Animal Diversity 2251ENV Course
Applied Bioinformatics 3030NSC Course
Applied Data Science 2291ENV Course
Applied Fire Scene Examination 7300ESC_Y2 Course
Applied Fire Scene Examination 7300ESC_Y1 Course
Applied Microbiology 2010NSC Course
Applied Molecular Microbiology 7221NSC Course
Applied Research Project 7181ENV Course
Applied Specialised Forensic Science Techniques 7297NSC_Y2 Course
Applied Specialised Forensic Science Techniques 7297NSC_Y1 Course
Apply Advanced Fingerprint Detection Techniques 7318NSC_Y2 Course
Apply Advanced Fingerprint Detection Techniques 7318NSC_Y1 Course
Apply Fingerprint Comparison and Identification Methodology 7319NSC_Y1 Course
Apply Fingerprint Comparison and Identification Methodology 7319NSC_Y2 Course
Approved Topic 6106ENV Course
Approved Topic 6111ENV Course
Aquatic Chemistry and Pollution 3201ENV Course
Archaeology: Discovering the Human Past 2006ESC Course
Artefacts in Archaeology 2061ESC Course
Atmospheric Science 1304NSC Course
Bioavailability and Pollutant Management in Agriculture 7309NSC Course
Biological Mathematics 3202NSC Course
Biological Systems 1041SCG Course
Biomedical Sciences Capstone 3002NSC Course
Biomedical Sciences Laboratory 3009NSC Course
Biomolecular Science Project 3021NSC Course
Biomolecular Sciences Lab 3004NSC Course
Biomolecular Sciences Laboratory 3002ESC Course
Biosciences Laboratory 2016NSC Course
Biosciences Laboratory Skills 2018NSC Course
Biotechniques Laboratory 2013NSC Course
Biotechniques Laboratory 2013NSC_Y2 Course
Biotechniques Laboratory 2013NSC_Y1 Course
Botany 2702ENV Course
BPS Advanced Project 3026NSC Course
Calculus I 1202SCG Course
Calculus II 2205NSC Course
Catchment and Aquatic Ecosystem Health 7920ENV Course
Catchment Ecology 7001ESC Course
Catchment Measurement and Monitoring 7303ESC Course
Chemistry 7315NSC Course
Chemistry 1A 1021SCG Course
Chemistry 1B 1022SCG Course
Chemistry I 1023SCG Course
Chemistry II 1024SCG Course
Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics 6007ESC Course
Classical and Quantum Physics II 2303NSC Course
Climate Adaptation Theory and Practice 7019ESC Course
Climate Change Adaptation 7007ENV Course
Clinical Bacteriology, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 7201NSC Course
Coastal Environments 2804ENV Course
Collaborative Planning 7961ESC Course
Community, Livelihoods, Development and Water 7940ESC Course
Complex Analysis and Applications 3203NSC Course
Condensed Matter Physics 3309ESC Course
Conduct Serious Forensic Crime and Incident Scene Examinations 7298NSC_Y2 Course
Conduct Serious Forensic Crime and Incident Scene Examinations 7298NSC_Y1 Course
Conservation Biology 3606ENV Course
Coral Reef Ecology 3805ESC Course
Data and Computing Skills for Catchment Science 7003ESC Course
Develop Fingerprint Expertise 7320NSC_Y1 Course
Develop Fingerprint Expertise 7320NSC_Y2 Course
Develop Forensic Crime Scene Expertise 7299NSC_Y2 Course
Develop Forensic Crime Scene Expertise 7299NSC_Y1 Course
Development Processes Studio 2067ENV Course
Dissertation 7401NSC_P1 Course
Dissertation 7401NSC_P2 Course
Dissertation 7401NSC_P3 Course
Dissertation 7401NSC_P4 Course
Dissertation 8002ESC_P6 Course
Dissertation 7871ENV_P4 Course
Dissertation 7871ENV_P2 Course
Dissertation 7871ENV_P1 Course
Dissertation 8002ESC_P2 Course
Dissertation 8002ESC_P4 Course
Dissertation 7871ENV_P3 Course
Dissertation 8002ESC_P5 Course
Dissertation 7159ESC_P1 Course
Dissertation 8002ESC_P3 Course
Dissertation 7159ESC_P2 Course
Dissertation 6101ENV_P4 Course
Dissertation 7004ESC_P1 Course
Dissertation 6101ENV_P1 Course
Dissertation 6101ENV_P6 Course
Dissertation 6101ENV_P5 Course
Dissertation 7004ESC_P2 Course
Dissertation 8002ESC_P1 Course
Dissertation 6101ENV_P3 Course
Dissertation 6101ENV_P2 Course
Drug Design and Delivery 3104NSC Course
Earth Systems 1044SCG Course
Ecological Monitoring and Assessment 2211ESC Course
Ecology 2603ENV Course
Ecology 2051ENV Course
Economics and the Environment 2281ENV Course
Economics for Water Resource Management 7921ESC Course
Ecotox and Impact Assessment 2212ENV Course
Electromagnetism and Optics 2301NSC Course
Emerging Topics in Conservation 3308ENV Course
Engineering Mathematics 1 1010ENG Course
Engineering Science 1018ENG Course
Engineering Science 1018ENG_M2 Course
Environment and Development 7461ENV Course
Environmental and Social Futures 3307ENV Course
Environmental Anthropology 2416ENV Course
Environmental Capstone 3892ENV Course
Environmental Chemistry 2209ENV Course
Environmental Chemistry 7209ENV Course
Environmental Chemistry and Monitoring 2203ENV Course
Environmental Data Analytics 3033ESC Course
Environmental Economics 7401ENV Course
Environmental Management 7306ENV Course
Environmental Management 3306ENV Course
Environmental Planning Studio 1511ENV Course
Environmental Politics and Policy 2221ENV Course
Environmental Pollution 7421ENV Course
Environmental Protection and Quarantine 7888ENV Course
Environmental Systems and Climate Change 7250ENV Course
Estuarine Ecology 3801ENV Course
Evaluation of Organ Function by Physical Means 7215NSC Course
Exploring the Literature 7181ESC Course
Final Project 7930ENV_P1 Course
Final Project 7930ENV_P2 Course
Final Project 7930ENV_P3 Course
Final Project 7930ENV_P4 Course
Food Security 7310NSC Course
Forensic Biology 2003ESC Course
Forensic Chemistry 2002ESC Course
Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology 3015NSC Course
Forensic DNA Profiling 3017NSC Course
Forensic Evidence and the Expert Witness 3028NSC Course
Forensic Evidence Imaging and Documentation 3013NSC Course
Forensic Laboratory Accreditation and Quality Systems 2022NSC Course
Foundation Mathematics 1017SCG Course
Foundations in Science 1001SCG Course
Fundamentals of Biochemistry 1014NSC Course
General Microbiology 2008NSC Course
Genetics and Evolutionary Biology 1042SCG Course
Geographic Information Systems 7067ENV Course
Global Environmental Challenges 1444ENV Course
Great Debates in Archaeology 3067ESC Course
Griff Chem 1001ESC_P2 Course
Griff Phys 1002ESC_P2 Course
Griffith Chem 1000ENV_Y1 Course
Griffith Chem 1000ENV_Y2 Course
Griffith Chem 1000ENV Course
Griffith Chem _P1 Year 11 9000ENV_P1 Course
Griffith Chem_P2 Year 11 9000ENV_P2 Course
Griffith Maths 1A 1203NSC Course
Griffith Maths 1B 1204NSC Course
Griffith Phys 1306NSC_Y1 Course
Griffith Phys 1306NSC_Y2 Course
Griffith Phys _P1 Year 11 9306NSC_P1 Course
Griffith Phys_P2 Year 11 9306NSC_P2 Course
Honours Classical and Quantum Mechanics 6006ESC Course
Honours Dissertation 6002ESC_P2 Course
Honours Dissertation 4030ENV_P3 Course
Honours Dissertation 6951ENV_P1 Course
Honours Dissertation 6951ENV_P2 Course
Honours Dissertation 6951ENV_P3 Course
Honours Dissertation 6951ENV_P4 Course
Honours Dissertation 6951ENV_P5 Course
Honours Dissertation 6961ENV_P1 Course
Honours Dissertation 6961ENV_P2 Course
Honours Dissertation 6961ENV_P3 Course
Honours Dissertation 6961ENV_P4 Course
Honours Dissertation 6961ENV_P6 Course
Honours Dissertation 6961ENV_P5 Course
Honours Dissertation 6001ESC_P3 Course
Honours Dissertation 4030ENV_P1 Course
Honours Dissertation 6001ESC_P2 Course
Honours Dissertation 6002ESC_P1 Course
Honours Dissertation 6001ESC_P1 Course
Honours Dissertation 4030ENV_P2 Course
Honours Dissertation Environmental Management 6902ENV_P1 Course
Honours Dissertation Environmental Management 6902ENV_P2 Course
Honours Dissertation Environmental Management 6902ENV_P3 Course
Honours Dissertation Environmental Management 6902ENV_P4 Course
Honours Proposal and Seminar 6001ENV Course
Honours Quantum and Classical Physics 6353NSC Course
Honours Research Project 6001NSC_P4 Course
Honours Research Project 6001NSC_P2 Course
Honours Research Project 6001NSC_P1 Course
Honours Research Project 6001NSC_P6 Course
Honours Research Project 6001NSC_P3 Course
Honours Research Project 6004NSC_P3 Course
Honours Research Project 6004NSC_P2 Course
Honours Research Project 6004NSC_P1 Course
Honours Research Project 6001NSC_P5 Course
Honours Research Project 6004NSC_P4 Course
Honours Research Project in Photonics and Nanoscience 6352NSC_Y1 Course
Honours Research Project in Photonics and Nanoscience 6352NSC_Y2 Course
Honours Statistical and Condensed Matter Physics 6304NSC Course
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 2007NSC Course
Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 2002NSC Course
Human Biology 1001NSC Course
Immunology 3007NSC Course
Industry Affiliates Program 3600NSC Course
Industry Affiliates Program 3001ENV Course
Industry Placement 3103ENV Course
Infectious Disease 3012NSC Course
Inorganic Chemistry 2101NSC Course
Inorganic Chemistry 2208ENV Course
Instrumental Chemical Techniques 3027NSC Course
Introduction to Mathematical Modelling 2204NSC Course
Introduction to Catchment Processes 7301ESC Course
Introduction to Environmental Sustainability 1043SCG Course
Introduction to Forensic Science 1000ESC Course
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 2107ENV Course
Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing 7002ESC Course
Introduction to Marine Science 1007ENV Course
Introduction to Oceanography 2206ENV Course
Introduction to Research 6108ENV Course
Introduction to Water Leadership 7970ESC Course
Introductory Planning Studio 1027ENV Course
Land Degradation and Catchment Management 3441ENV Course
Leadership Development Project 7971ESC_P1 Course
Leadership Development Project 7971ESC_P2 Course
Linear Algebra 1201SCG Course
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 2201NSC Course
Marine Biodiscovery 2803ENV Course
Marine Conservation and Resource Management 3332ENV Course
Marine Ecosystem Modelling 3804ENV Course
Marine Megafauna and Planetary Health 2305ENV Course
Masters Research Project 8003NSC_P6 Course
Masters Research Project 8003NSC_P4 Course
Masters Research Project 8003NSC_P3 Course
Masters Research Project 8003NSC_P7 Course
Masters Research Project 8003NSC_P2 Course
Masters Research Project 8003NSC_P1 Course
Masters Research Project 8003NSC_P5 Course
Mathematics 1B 1012SCG Course
Mathematics 2A 2203NSC Course
Metabolism 2003NSC Course
Micro- and nanofabrication 6105NSC Course
Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry 3701ENV Course
Microbiology Laboratory 3018NSC Course
Modern Physics Laboratory 2302NSC Course
Molecular Advanced Biotechnology 7100ESC Course
Molecular Biology 2012NSC Course
Molecular Cell Biology 3001NSC Course
Natural Products and NMR 3225ENV Course
Natural Resource Planning Studio 3512ENV Course
Neuroscience 3003NSC Course
New Perspectives on Project Management 7900ENV Course
NMR and Structural Chemistry 3103NSC Course
NMR for Advanced Structural Elucidation 7311NSC Course
NSC Project 3005NSC Course
Numerical Methods and MATLAB 2202NSC Course
Operate Fingerprint Database Systems 7317NSC_Y2 Course
Operate Fingerprint Database Systems 7317NSC_Y1 Course
Organic Chemistry 2103NSC Course
Pathophysiology of Major Organ Systems 7213NSC Course
Perspectives on Human Evolution 3029NSC Course
Pharmacology 3008NSC Course
Physical and Analytical Chemistry 2106NSC Course
Physical and Analytical Chemistry 2202ENV Course
Physics 1A 1031SCG_M2 Course
Physics 1A 1031SCG Course
Physics 1B 1032SCG Course
Physics Laboratory III 3304NSC Course
Physics of Solids and Nanoscale Structures 3303NSC Course
Physiology Clinical Placement A 7208NSC Course
Physiology Clinical Placement B 7211NSC Course
Planning Practicum 10 4016ENV Course
Planning Practicum 20 4017ENV Course
Planning Theory and Practice 1022ESC Course
Plant Diversity 2261ENV Course
Policymaking and Climate Change 4118ENV Course
Policymaking and Climate Change 7057ENV Course
Principles of Biomedical Instrumentation 7218NSC Course
Principles of Forensic Investigation 1008NSC Course
Principles of Research Writing and Presentation 6002NSC Course
Professional Issues: Research methodology, legal and ethical issues 7207NSC Course
Professional Practice in Science 2991SCG Course
Professional Practice in Science 3991SCG Course
Project 3101ENV Course
Project Proposal for Honours 4029ENV Course
Protein Science 2005NSC Course
Public Health Microbiology and Diagnostic Procedures 7219NSC Course
Public Involvement and Community Development 4047ENV Course
Public Involvement and Community Development 7097ENV Course
Quantitative Ecology 3241ENV Course
Quantitative Reasoning 1015SCG Course
Quantum Electrodynamics, Field Theory and Special Topics 6302NSC Course
Quantum Mechanics, Relativity and Elementary Particles 2305NSC Course
Quantum Physics III 3301NSC Course
Relativity, Particles and Symmetries in Physics 3302NSC Course
Research Design and Methods 7161ESC Course
Research Design and Planning 7161ENV Course
Research Methodologies 6003NSC Course
Research Project 4027ENV_P2 Course
Research Project 4027ENV_P1 Course
Research Project 8001ESC_P1 Course
Research Project 8001ESC_P4 Course
Research Project 8001ESC_P2 Course
Research Project 8001ESC_P3 Course
Research Project 8001ESC_P6 Course
Research Project 8001ESC_P5 Course
Research Proposal 8002ENV Course
Research Proposal 8120ENV Course
Research Proposal and Planning 6000ESC Course
Research Proposal for Dissertation 7029ESC Course
Research Special Topic 3922ESC Course
RHD Qualifying Program: Research Proposal 8140ENV Course
River and Catchment Management and Rehabilitation 7302ESC Course
Rivers and Catchments 2304ENV Course
Science Capstone 3992NSC_Y2 Course
Science Capstone 3992SCG Course
Science Capstone 3992NSC_Y1 Course
Science of Water 7901ENV Course
Science Revealed: Science, Technology and Society 1051SCG Course
Scientific Data Analysis 6003ESC Course
Soils and Geomorphology 2071ENV Course
Soils and Geomorphology in Catchment Science 7304ESC Course
Spatial Modelling 3418ENV Course
Special Topic 3191ENV Course
Special Topic 3181ENV Course
Special Topic 20 3192ENV Course
Spectroscopic and Molecular Analysis 2102NSC Course
Statistical and Solid State II 2304NSC Course
Statistics 1014SCG Course
Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering 3010NSC Course
Strategic Planning and Project Management 7891ENV Course
Strategic Planning Studio 3097ENV Course
Techniques in Molecular Microbiology 3020NSC Course
Tensors, Groups and General Relativity 6005ESC Course
Topics and Research Methods in Physics 6303NSC Course
Topics in Applied Mathematics 1 6205NSC Course
Topics in Applied Mathematics 2 6206NSC Course
Topics in Applied Mathematics 3 6207NSC Course
Topics in Applied Mathematics 4 6208NSC Course
Topics in Archaeology 3065ESC Course
Topics in Biotechnology 7102ESC Course
Topics in Drug Discovery 6195NSC Course
Transport Planning 4037ENV Course
Transport Planning 7087ENV Course
Understanding Australian Cities 1037ENV Course
Undertake Fingerprinting of Deceased Persons 7316NSC_Y2 Course
Undertake Fingerprinting of Deceased Persons 7316NSC_Y1 Course
Urban Analysis and Planning Studio 2056ENV Course
Urban Ecology and Biodiversity 2315ENV Course
Urban Environmental Systems 2414ENV Course
Urban Futures: Delivering Water Sensitive Cities 7950ESC Course
Urban Metabolism: Resource and Energy Recovery Systems 7951ESC Course
WASH: Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene 7941ESC Course
Water Accounting 7980ESC Course
Water Finance and Investment 7981ESC Course
Water Governance and Policy 7903ENV Course
Water Pollution Chemistry 3431ENV Course
Water, Agricultural Landscapes and Food Security 7960ESC Course
Water, Sustainability and Development 7902ENV Course
Work Integrated Learning 7105ESC_P2 Course
Work Integrated Learning 7103ESC_P1 Course
Work Integrated Learning 7105ESC_P1 Course
Work Integrated Learning 7103ESC_P4 Course
Work Integrated Learning 7103ESC_P3 Course
Work Integrated Learning 7103ESC_P2 Course
Work Integrated Learning Placement 3900ESC Course
Work Integrated Learning Special Topic 3911ESC Course
Work Integrated Learning Special Topic 7911ESC Course
Zoology 2303ENV Course

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