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Name Code Type
Advanced Architecture Studio 1 7601ENV Course
Advanced Architecture Studio 2 7602ENV Course
Advanced Environmental Planning Studio 7011ENV Course
Advanced Environmental Studies 7704ENV Course
Advanced Integrated Technologies 7604ENV Course
Advanced Statistics 3121ENV Course
Advanced Studies Project 3118ENV_P1 Course
Advanced Studies Project 3108ENV Course
Advanced Studies Project 3118ENV_P2 Course
Advanced Topics in Science and Technology 2 7005ENV Course
Advanced Urban Analysis and Planning Studio 7076ENV Course
Analytical Chemistry 2506ENV Course
Anthropological Perspectives 2011ENV Course
Applied Statistics 2204ENV Course
Applied Statistics for Environment and Population Health 7893ENV Course
Applied Topics in Climate Change 7254ENV Course
Aquatic Ecology 3051ENV Course
Aquatic Ecosystem Health Assessment and Restoration 7253ENV Course
Architectural History 2 3903ENV Course
Architecture and Landscape Architecture History 1 1903ENV Course
Architecture Professional Practice 1 7605ENV Course
Architecture Professional Practice 2 7606ENV Course
Architecture Research Project 1 7701ENV Course
Architecture Research Project 2 7702ENV Course
Architecture Special Topic 1 7607ENV Course
Architecture Special Topic 2 7703ENV Course
Architecture Studio 1 1900ENV Course
Architecture Studio 1 1912ENV Course
Architecture Studio 2 2901ENV Course
Architecture Studio 3 2902ENV Course
Architecture Studio 4 3901ENV Course
Architecture Studio 5 3902ENV Course
Architecture/Landscape Design Study Special Topic 3914ENV Course
Biopolitics and Nature 3361ENV Course
Building Construction and Services 3904ENV Course
Catchment and Aquatic Ecosystem Health 7920ENV Course
Catchment Hydrology and Environmental Flows 7252ENV Course
Climate Change Adaptation 3007ENV Course
Collaborative Water Planning 7904ENV Course
Community Learning for Sustainability 7141ENV Course
Conservation in Practice 3404ENV Course
Construction Materials and Practice 2914ENV Course
Contemporary Architecture 7603ENV Course
Coursework Special Topic 2911ENV Course
Designing Sustainability Learning Experiences 7442ENV Course
Development and Indigenous People 3041ENV Course
Development and Indigenous People 7481ENV Course
Development Processes Studio 2067ENV_M3 Course
Ecological Economics 3351ENV Course
Ecology and Conservation of Populations 3331ENV Course
Education as a Pathway to Sustainability 7361ENV Course
Education for Sustainability Communities 7441ENV Course
Education, Sustainability and Social Change 7351ENV Course
Emerging Issues in Aquatic Ecology 3052ENV Course
Entomology 2705ENV Course
Environmental Assessment 3017ENV Course
Environmental Assessment 7107ENV Course
Environmental Assessment and Management 3304ENV Course
Environmental Chemistry 3507ENV Course
Environmental Monitoring Techniques 2503ENV Course
Environmental Politics and Policy 2221ENV Course
Environmental Protection 2888ENV Course
Field Ecology 3171ENV Course
Field Study Special Topic 2913ENV Course
Final Project 7930ENV_P4 Course
Final Project 7930ENV_P1 Course
Final Project 7930ENV_P2 Course
Final Project 7930ENV_P3 Course
Foundations of Education for Sustainability 7341ENV Course
Geographic Information Systems 2205ENV Course
Geographic Information Systems 3047ENV Course
Global Heath Challenges and Responses 7880ENV Course
Graduate Planning Studio A 7028ENV Course
Health Program Planning and Evaluation 7881ENV Course
Individual Study Special Topic 2912ENV Course
Innovation in Design 3910ENV Course
Introduction to Architecture and Landscape Design 1911ENV Course
Introduction to Architecture and Landscape Design 1901ENV Course
Leadership and Management in Public Health 7894ENV Course
Learning to Lead for Sustainability 7352ENV Course
Marine Animal Diversity 2302ENV Course
Marine Biology 3803ENV Course
Marine Ecotoxicology 3504ENV Course
Marine Invertebrates 2704ENV Course
Marine Systems 2 2805ENV Course
Marine Vertebrates 2802ENV Course
Masters Project 7861ENV Course
Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry 2300ENV Course
Natural Resource Management: Governance and Planning 4057ENV Course
Planning and Environment Law 3303ENV Course
Planning Practice and Law 7137ENV Course
Planning Practice and Law 2027ENV Course
Planning Theory and Processes 7017ENV Course
Pollution Chemistry 3508ENV Course
Research Methods for Social Science 7271ENV Course
Research Methods for Social Science 2271ENV Course
Research Methods for Social Science 2271ENV_M2 Course
Research Proposal 8001ENV Course
Research Proposal 8002ENV Course
Resolving Environmental Issues 4227ENV Course
Resolving Environmental Issues 3321ENV Course
Special Topic 7191ENV Course
Sustainable Design Principles 2904ENV Course
The Ecology and Conservation of Communities 3341ENV Course
Trends and Issues in Education for Sustainability 7131ENV Course
Understanding Climate Change 3250ENV Course
Understanding Environmental Pollution 3111ENV Course
Urban Analysis 7077ENV Course
Urban Design History, Theory and Methods 2903ENV Course
Urban/Regional Economics 7217ENV Course
Vertebrate Biology 3607ENV Course
Wildlife Ecology Field Course 3608ENV Course
Work Integrated Learning Special Topic 1 2910ENV Course
Work Integrated Learning Special Topic 2 3913ENV Course

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