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3D Digital Modelling for Manufacture 2608ENG Course
3D Modelling for 3D Printing 1102ENG Course
Advanced Architectural Documentation 7908ENG Course
Advanced Architecture Studio 1 7601ENV Course
Advanced Architecture Studio 2 7602ENV Course
Advanced Communication Systems 6303ENG Course
Advanced Communications Systems 7506ENG Course
Advanced Computer Systems 6305ENG Course
Advanced Computer Systems 7507ENG Course
Advanced Design Media Special Topic 3917ENG Course
Advanced Digital Signal Processing 7504ENG Course
Advanced Digital Signal Processing 6307ENG Course
Advanced Environmental Studies 7704ENV Course
Advanced Ethics in Engineering 7578ENG Course
Advanced Foundation Engineering 7303ENG Course
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering 7308ENG Course
Advanced Integrated Technologies 7604ENV Course
Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications 6526ENG Course
Advanced Reinforced and Pre-stressed Concrete 7304ENG Course
Advanced Steel Structures 7305ENG Course
Advanced Technologies 7608ENG Course
Advanced Topics in Engineering Management 7207ENG Course
Advanced Water and Wastewater Engineering 6204ENG Course
Advanced Water and Wastewater Engineering 7404ENG Course
Advanced Water Engineering Practice 7309ENG Course
Aerodynamics Part I 2521NSC Course
Aerodynamics Part II 3520NSC Course
Air Quality Monitoring and Control 6201ENG Course
Air Quality Monitoring and Control 7401ENG Course
Aircraft Operations, Performance and Planning Part I 2520NSC Course
Aircraft Operations, Performance and Planning Part II 3533NSC Course
Aircraft Practical 2701ENG Course
Airline Management 7501NSC Course
Airline Operational Performance Management Part II 3510NSC Course
Airport Planning and Management 7581NSC Course
Airport Planning, Operations and Management 1503NSC Course
Airways Operation and Design 1508NSC Course
Analog Electronics I 2311ENG Course
Architectural Documentation 3908ENG Course
Architectural History 2 3903ENV Course
Architecture and Ideology 7607ENG Course
Architecture and Landscape Architecture History 1 1903ENV Course
Architecture Professional Practice 1 7605ENV Course
Architecture Professional Practice 2 7606ENV Course
Architecture Research Project 1 7701ENV Course
Architecture Research Project 2 7702ENV Course
Architecture Special Topic 1 7607ENV Course
Architecture Special Topic 2 7703ENV Course
Architecture Studio 1 1912ENV Course
Architecture Studio 2 2901ENV Course
Architecture Studio 3 2902ENV Course
Architecture Studio 4 3901ENV Course
Architecture Studio 5 3902ENV Course
Architecture/Landscape Design Study Special Topic 3914ENV Course
Aviation Biology and Medicine 1504NSC Course
Aviation Economics 7503NSC Course
Aviation Law 2539NSC Course
Aviation Leadership and Communication 7512NSC Course
Aviation Management Research Paper 7560NSC_P3 Course
Aviation Management Research Paper 7560NSC_P1 Course
Aviation Management Research Paper 7560NSC_P4 Course
Aviation Management Research Paper 7560NSC_P2 Course
Aviation Meteorology 2517NSC Course
Aviation Project 3504NSC_P2 Course
Aviation Project 3504NSC Course
Aviation Project 3502NSC Course
Aviation project 3504NSC_P1 Course
Aviation Project Management 2512NSC Course
Aviation Research Methods 2527NSC Course
Aviation Science 1507NSC Course
Aviation Security and Risk Management 2525NSC Course
Aviation Work Integrated Learning Placement 3002ENG Course
Avionics 6701ENG Course
Avionics and Aircraft Practice 6001ENG Course
Basic Aeronautical Knowledge 3701ENG Course
Biomedical and Sport Instrumentation 6317ENG Course
Building Construction and Services 3904ENV Course
Building Surveying 2606ENG Course
Civil Engineering Design Project 3113ENG Course
Cleaner Production and Eco-Efficiency 6202ENG Course
Cleaner Production and Eco-efficiency 7402ENG Course
Coastal Engineering and Modelling 6110ENG Course
Communicating Design Ideas and Industry Software 2908ENG Course
Communication Systems 6315ENG Course
Communication Systems and Circuits 2304ENG Course
Communication Systems and Circuits 3324ENG Course
Computational Statics and Dynamics 6522ENG Course
Computer Systems 3302ENG Course
Computer Systems 7515ENG Course
Computing and Programming with MATLAB 1004ENG Course
Concrete Structures 7317ENG Course
Concrete Structures 3103ENG Course
Constitutive Material Modelling 7015ENG Course
Construction Business Management 3607ENG Course
Construction Communication 1604ENG Course
Construction Contract Administration 3604ENG Course
Construction Economics 1606ENG Course
Construction Estimating 3605ENG Course
Construction Informatics 3606ENG Course
Construction Law and Ethics 3608ENG Course
Construction Material and Practice 1904ENG Course
Construction Materials 3107ENG Course
Construction Materials and Practice 2914ENV Course
Construction Measurement 2605ENG Course
Construction Methods and Practices 7314ENG Course
Construction Methods and Practices 2104ENG Course
Construction Planning and Tendering 6604ENG Course
Construction Procurement 6605ENG Course
Construction Project Management 6109ENG Course
Construction Site Operations and Safety 2607ENG Course
Contemporary Architecture 7603ENV Course
Contemporary Aviation Management 3522NSC Course
Control Systems 3304ENG Course
Coursework Special Topic 2911ENV Course
Creative Engineering 1701ENG_M2 Course
Creative Engineering 1701ENG Course
Data and Computer Communications 7532ENG Course
Data and Computer Communications 2323ENG Course
Design 1 2206ENG Course
Design and Manufacture of Composites 3801ENG Course
Design for Civil Engineers 7316ENG Course
Design for Civil Engineers 2106ENG Course
Design of Machine Elements 2505ENG Course
Design of Machine Elements 3511ENG Course
Design of Real-Time Systems 6306ENG Course
Design of Real-Time Systems 7518ENG Course
Design Studio 1 Bodies in Space and Place 1901ENG Course
Design Studio 4 - Contextual Awareness 2904ENG Course
Design Studio 5 City Systems 3905ENG Course
Design Studio 6 - Constructional Composition 3906ENG Course
Designer Languages 1908ENG Course
Designing with Mechanics 1702ENG Course
Designing with Thermofluids 1703ENG Course
Digital and Data Skills 1108ENG Course
Digital and Spatial Technologies 3118ENG Course
Digital Control System Engineering 6308ENG Course
Digital Control Systems Engineering 7508ENG Course
Digital Design and Modelling 1508ENG Course
Digital Electronics 2315ENG Course
Digital Electronics 7529ENG Course
Digital Manufacturing 6525ENG Course
Digital Signal Processing 7516ENG Course
Digital Signal Processing 3303ENG Course
Digital Systems 1303ENG Course
Discrete Time Signal Processing 6321ENG Course
Dissertation Part 1 7601ENG_P1 Course
Dissertation Part 2 7601ENG_P2 Course
Dissertation Part 3 7601ENG_P3 Course
Dissertation Part 4 7601ENG_P4 Course
Domestic Construction 1607ENG Course
Economics in Aviation 3513NSC Course
Efficient Energy Systems 3315ENG Course
Electric Circuits 1301ENG Course
Electric Circuits 7534ENG Course
Electric Power Systems and Control 6313ENG Course
Electrical Design Project 3312ENG Course
Electrical Machines and Renewable Generators 3320ENG Course
Electrics and Electronics for Designers 1704ENG Course
Electromagnetic Fields and Propagating Systems 2307ENG Course
Electromagnetic Waves and Propagation 3322ENG Course
Electromechanics 2318ENG Course
Electronic Instrumentation 7522ENG Course
Electrotechnics 6509ENG Course
Embedded Systems 2303ENG Course
Energy Efficiency 7519ENG Course
Energy Resources Management 6311ENG Course
Energy Storage and Power Systems 7520ENG Course
Engineering Advanced Studies 3 2601ENG Course
Engineering Advanced Studies 5 3601ENG Course
Engineering C 2322ENG Course
Engineering Communication and Leadership 7002ENG Course
Engineering Design Fundamentals 2003ENG Course
Engineering Design Practice 7003ENG Course
Engineering Design Practice 1022ENG Course
Engineering Electromagnetics 2314ENG Course
Engineering Fluid Mechanics 2203ENG Course
Engineering Hydrology 7418ENG Course
Engineering Materials 1017ENG Course
Engineering Materials 7004ENG Course
Engineering Mathematics 2 1020ENG Course
Engineering Mechanics 7701ENG Course
Engineering Mechanics 1501ENG Course
Engineering Programming 1305ENG Course
Engineering Programming 7535ENG Course
Engineering Thermodynamics 2201ENG Course
Environmental Engineering Design Project 3213ENG Course
Environmental Engineering Research Project 7414ENG Course
Environmental Management Systems 6207ENG Course
Environmental Management Systems 7407ENG Course
Environmental Microbiology and Ecology 7416ENG Course
Environmental Microbiology and Ecology 2202ENG Course
Field Study Special Topic 2913ENV Course
Flight Practicum 1 7551NSC Course
Flight Practicum 2 7552NSC Course
Flight Practicum 3 7553NSC Course
Flight Practicum 4 7554NSC Course
Flight Practicum 5 7805ENG Course
Flight Practicum 5 7555NSC Course
Flight Practicum 6 7556NSC Course
Flight Practicum 6 7806ENG Course
Flight Practicum 7 7557NSC Course
Flight Practicum 7 7807ENG Course
Flight Practicum 7 FIR 7817ENG Course
Flight Practicum 8 7808ENG Course
Flight Practicum 8 7558NSC Course
Flight Practicum 8 FIR 7568NSC Course
Flight Practicum 8 FIR 7818ENG Course
Flight Practicum 9 7559NSC Course
Flight Practicum 9 7809ENG Course
Flight Practicum 9 FIR 7569NSC Course
Flight Practicum 9 FIR 7819ENG Course
Flight Procedures I 1505NSC Course
Flight Procedures II 2533NSC Course
Flight Procedures III 3540NSC Course
Fluid Mechanics 7413ENG Course
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics 2002ENG Course
Fluids and CFD 6508ENG Course
Geotechnical Engineering 3102ENG Course
Geotechnical Engineering 7318ENG Course
Geotechnical Engineering Practice 3115ENG Course
Global Perspectives for Sustainable Infrastructure 3005ENG Course
Griffith Eng 1000ENG Course
Griffith Engineering Year 11 9000ENG Course
Hazardous Waste Management 7408ENG Course
Hazardous Waste Management 6208ENG Course
Heat and Mass Transfer 6527ENG Course
Heat and Mass Transfer 3505ENG Course
Heat and Mass Transfer Engineering 4007ENG Course
History of Urban and Architectural Typologies 3907ENG Course
Human Biology for Engineers 6601ENG Course
Human Factors for Aviation Managers 7514NSC Course
Human Factors for Pilots I 2515NSC Course
Human Factors for Pilots II 3524NSC Course
Human Machine Interfaces 3631ENG Course
Hydraulics and Coastal Modelling 3116ENG Course
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modelling 7415ENG Course
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modelling 6205ENG Course
Hydrology 2004ENG_M2 Course
Hydrology 2004ENG Course
IAP 6002ENG Course
IAP - Professional Practice 6008ENG Course
IAP - Thesis 6007ENG Course
Image Processing and Machine Vision 7510ENG Course
Image Processing and Machine Vision 6302ENG Course
Individual Study Special Topic 2912ENV Course
Industrial Design Studio 1 1107ENG Course
Industrial Design Studio 2 2108ENG Course
Industrial Design Studio 3 2208ENG Course
Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment 7409ENG Course
Industry Affiliates Program 3001ENG Course
Industry Affiliates Program - Dissertation 7605ENG Course
Innovation in Design 3910ENV Course
Instrumentation and Monitoring (Previously Signal Conditioning) 3321ENG Course
Integrated Circuit Design 7513ENG Course
Integrated Circuit Design 6310ENG Course
Integrated Design Project 6003ENG Course
Integrated Electronics 3310ENG Course
International Aviation 1506NSC Course
International Civil Aviation 7506NSC Course
International Engineering Practice 2007ENG Course
Internship Research Project 4604ENG Course
Introduction Design Media Special Topic 2917ENG Course
Introduction to Architecture and Landscape Design 1911ENV Course
Introduction to Digital and Spatial Analysis 1024ENG Course
Introduction to Electronics 7528ENG Course
Introduction to Electronics 2319ENG Course
Introduction to Human Factors for Aviation Managers 1510NSC Course
Introduction to Structures 1801ENG Course
Introduction to Transport Planning and Engineering 2023ENG Course
Introductory Aviation Studies 1501NSC Course
Kinematics and Dynamics 3317ENG Course
Kinematics and Dynamics 2517ENG Course
Leadership in Aviation 3514NSC Course
Light Aircraft Systems 2523NSC Course
Linear Electromagnetics 6301ENG Course
Linear Electromagnetics 7512ENG Course
Manufacturing Technology 2501ENG Course
Manufacturing with Composites 6505ENG Course
Materials and Manufacturing 3508ENG Course
Materials and Manufacturing 2506ENG Course
Mechanical Engineering Design 2502ENG Course
Mechanical Science 1109ENG Course
Mechanics of Materials 1 7311ENG Course
Mechanics of Materials 2 2105ENG Course
Mechanics of Materials I 2101ENG Course
Mechatronic Systems Design and Engineering 6309ENG Course
Microcontroller Techniques 3323ENG Course
Microprocessor Techniques 7533ENG Course
Navigation 2519NSC Course
Navigational Systems 3528NSC Course
Numerical and Computing Skills 1105ENG Course
Numerical and Computing Skills 7417ENG Course
Numerical Engineering Methods 3325ENG Course
Operative Architectural History 2907ENG Course
Organisational and Project Leadership in Engineering 7577ENG Course
Pilot Theory 3702ENG Course
Planning Theory and Practice 2122ENG Course
Planning Theory and Practice 7022ESC Course
Power Distribution and Storage 6320ENG Course
Power Distribution and Storage 3314ENG Course
Power Electronics and Electrical Machines 3311ENG Course
Power Electronics and Machine Drives 6316ENG Course
Power Transmission and Distribution 3319ENG Course
Practical Electronics 7514ENG Course
Practical Electronics 3301ENG Course
Precision Engineering and Prototyping 6319ENG Course
Preparation for Professional Practice 7005ENG Course
Programming and Computing for Engineers 1008ENG Course
Project Evaluation and Control 7202ENG Course
Project Management 7505NSC Course
Project Management 7201ENG Course
Project Management for Postgraduates 9133ENG Course
Project Management Practice 7014ENG Course
Project Management Principles 3004ENG Course
Project Management, Risk and Reliability 7209ENG Course
Quality and Performance Management 7206ENG Course
Real World Energy 7521ENG Course
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems 3703ENG Course
Renewable Energy Integration into the Modern Power Grid 4018ENG Course
Renewable Energy Systems 7405ENG Course
Renewable Energy Systems 3203ENG Course
Research by Practice Workshop 1 7008ENG Course
Research by Practice Workshop 2 7009ENG Course
Research Methods and Statistics 4000ENG Course
Research Methods for Engineers 7001ENG Course
Resource Planning and Management 7203ENG Course
Risk Analysis and Management 7204ENG Course
Rock Mechanics 3114ENG Course
Rotary Wing Operations 3535NSC Course
Safety Management 3515NSC Course
Safety Management Systems 7513NSC Course
SCADA Systems 3326ENG Course
SCADA Systems 7576ENG Course
SCADA Systems 6323ENG Course
Semiconductor Devices and Circuits 7531ENG Course
Semiconductor Devices and Circuits 2301ENG Course
Sensors and Actuators 3318ENG Course
Sensors and Actuators 3328ENG Course
Sensors and Conditioning Circuits 3327ENG Course
Signal Propagation 2321ENG Course
Signals and Imaging for Biomedical Applications 6318ENG Course
Signals and Systems 2305ENG Course
Signals and Systems 7530ENG Course
Site Remediation and Rehab 6206ENG Course
Site Remediation and Rehabilitation 7406ENG Course
Soil Mechanics 2102ENG Course
Soil Mechanics 7419ENG Course
Solid Waste Engineering 3202ENG Course
Solid Waste Management 7412ENG Course
Sport Engineering 7523ENG Course
Sport Instrumentation 7524ENG Course
Sport Psychology for Engineers 6602ENG Course
Strategic Airline and Airport Management 7516NSC Course
Structural Analysis 3101ENG Course
Structural Analysis 7310ENG Course
Structural Design 2103ENG Course
Structural Design 7313ENG Course
Studio 2 Sectioned Spaces and Places 1902ENG Course
Studio 3 - Contextual Response 2903ENG Course
Sustainable Built Environment Principles 2904ENV Course
Sustainable Construction 1605ENG Course
System Design Project 6209ENG Course
System Dynamics and Advanced Control 6524ENG Course
Thermodynamics 2503ENG Course
Transportation Engineering 6106ENG Course
Transportation Infrastructure 7306ENG Course
UAV Design 6702ENG Course
Urban Design History, Theory and Methods 2903ENV Course
Water and Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals 7411ENG Course
Water and Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals 3201ENG Course
Work Integrated Learning 7900ENG Course
Work Integrated Learning Special Topic 1 2910ENV Course
Work Integrated Learning Special Topic 1 2518ENG Course
Work Integrated Learning Special Topic 2 3913ENV Course
Work Integrated Learning Special Topic 2 3518ENG Course
Workshop Technology 2317ENG Course
Workshop Technology 6603ENG Course

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